A personalized shopping experience at your point of sale (POS)

Link the digital world of online shopping with the physical world of retail and offer your customers a seamless service experience. Per the “endless aisle” principle, clienteling provides a perfect way of combining the virtual and the physical shopping experience.

    ↑80%increase in profits

    360° VIEW All customer data available locally

    Personalized sales conversations are the retail industry’s unique selling proposition. Nevertheless, today’s customers expect to have the same benefits at the store they experience when shopping on the Internet. The BSI Customer Suite allows your local employees to provide data-supported and, therefore, more personalized sales advice to your customers. After identifying a customer (by scanning the customer card or searching for the name), your employees can view customer satisfaction, sales and previous communication data, for example, on a mobile device

    DATA-DRIVEN INTERACTION A better shopping experience

    In addition to providing an efficient, personalized sales experience, your employees can also attend to other customer concerns right there during the sales conversation. For example, they can instantly answer questions about orders or complaints, change address data or reserve items. The customer then receives a reminder e-mail with a pick-up date for their reservation via BSI CX, a module of the BSI Customer Suite. With a scanner, your employees can set up an online shopping cart for your customers on the sales floor and initiate the mobile payment process.

    SEAMLESS PROCESSES Comprehensive service for your customers

    The BSI Customer Suite makes it possible to have a seamless customer experience from a single source. With a link to your payment services provider, employees can, for instance, offer your customers cashless payments, either on a mobile device or as a payment link to the customer’s smartphone. This process even includes a digital receipt by e-mail. It goes without saying that all data from the sales process is transferred directly into your CRM.


    Business out of the box [presentation]

    Clienteling is playing an increasingly important role, particularly for companies in the retail industry: With the right CRM software, you can plan and design exceptionally well how to build long-lasting and strong customer relationships. Today, customers increasingly expect personalized sales assistance when they shop – both online and in the physical store. engelhorn, a family-owned textile and sports retail company, demonstrates how well-thought-out CRM functions such as customer recognition, a 360° view of their customers, and sales staff offering mobile checkout help delight customers beyond the sales process.

    The BSI Customer Suite

    Delight your customers

    Digitize your customer relationships and create unique experiences – automated, in real time and across all touchpoints.

    BSI provides “Business out of the box” for your industry to allow you to do so. Seamless processes, customer journeys, customer insights, KPIs and regulations are ready for you to start using.

    The advantages of the BSI Customer Suite

    Incorporates industry-standard processes and customer journeys, e.g., loyalty management for retail;
    Cloud agnostic: can be run in the BSI Cloud as a SaaS model or as a multi-cloud model;
    Compliance with all industry-standard regulatory requirements, including data protection (in the DACH region);
    Engagement in the continued development and roadmap design of industry solutions via BSI’s “be_involved” process. Your advantage? You benefit from the exchange with others;
    All products from a single source – intuitive and easy to operate without any media breaks;
    A 360° view is the foundation for holistic service delivery;
    Genuine omnichannel marketing and multi-experience;
    Collaboration within your company, e.g., through Microsoft 365 integration;
    Collaboration with customers via portals and self-services;
    Leverages internal and consolidated customer data, as well as external, enriched data;
    An industry-specific data model – open, flexible and expandable;
    Highly personalized customer journeys for sales, service and marketing;
    Sales consulting and support made easy, no matter the channel you use.

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