Eliminate input overload with AI

Countless customer inquiries coming in through various communication channel every day place an enormous strain on resources and at the same time require great accuracy in processing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance in processing saves time and money, improves service quality, and also enables the targeted deployment of agents.

    productivity increase in customer service with Artificial Intelligence, based on surveys from customer projects
    productivity increase in customer service with Artificial Intelligence, based on surveys from customer projects
    Smart input management

    Three factors for success


    The use of AI in the contact center helps using agents’ resources sensibly. By automating processes, simple requests such as tracking shipments or switching from print to digital promotional mailings can be handled directly.


    The holistic approach enables data to be available across the board in real time. Using AI means that not only can requests be answered more quickly, but also that all departments are aware of the latest customer activities. This enables prioritizing time-critical processes.


    Training an AI leads to correct results within a short time. On the basis of training data, an AI can classify message content with a hit accuracy of more than 90% and inform the right places. In some cases, this even surpasses manual processing by agents.

    Omnichannel Bringing communication channels together

    Customers get in touch with companies via various communication channels. Depending on the customer, this can be via e-mail, phone call, text message, or even a social media platform. In order to guarantee an optimal customer experience, it must be ensured that – despite the different channels and the multitude of inquiries – the overview and efficiency in processing is not lost. With the BSI Customer Suite, customer communications can be recorded in a cross-divisional and cross-channel 360° view, making all important customer communications and data available in real time.

    AI support Using resources sensibly

    For large companies, the number of inquiries received daily through a contact center quickly reaches five- to six-digit ranges. However, not all inquiries require the attention of clerks, but can be handled quickly and cost-effectively in a fully automated manner with the targeted use of Artificial Intelligence. Using training data, such as previously recorded customer communications, the BSI Customer Suite's AI quickly learns to recognize the content of inquiries and can either process large portions automatically or route them to the right contacts for prioritized processing.

    Holistic approach The customer inquiry as the starting point

    Nowadays, a contact center should be more than just a necessary service. With the BSI Customer Suite, companies have the opportunity to use customer contact as the starting point for a comprehensive customer journey. Insights gained from customer contact can be used as a template for new communications and thus also improve customer loyalty and satisfaction in the long term.


    The BSI Customer Suite

    Digitize the customer relationship and create unique experiences – automated, in real time, and across all touchpoints.

    Your benefits

    Digitize your sales with our online consulting product. The BSI Engage module handles supporting and administrative tasks – from automated appointment scheduling and the “virtual sales room” to electronic signature for digital case closure;
    As a central information system, BSI CRM provides all relevant information and data for any application purpose and across departmental boundaries;
    Whether it is inbound mail automation, next best action, churn detection, or lead scoring – our AI product BSI AI supports you in analyzing your data and helps you with small and large decisions regarding customer-relationship management;
    Our Customer Data Platform BSI CDP collects data from various sources and provides meaningful customer profiles – in real time;
    Organize your connectivity within your ecosystem and create new connections. Our Enterprise Integration Platform BSI EIP offers numerous standardized interfaces which can be easily configured, optimized, and surveilled via a central interface – so that your data can have more impact.

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