October 20, 2021

Software company BSI joins CEX Trend Radar as a platinum partner

The CEX Trend Radar, which defines the most important developments in customer management, is expanding its community of experts to include BSI, among others.

Baden, October 20, 2021 – The CEX Trend Radar, developed by Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner and Harald Henn, has outlined and categorized the most important developments in customer management for two years. This year, it is getting some important support: Three leading companies in the field of customer management are joining the CEX Trend Radar community, among them the software company BSI as a platinum partner.

BSI, the Swiss software company for CRM and CX solutions, will be supporting the CEX Trend Radar as a partner company. The company has been passionate about software and has been a creator of customer delight for more than 25 years. Its corporate philosophy is a perfect fit for the basic idea behind the CEX Trend Radar. In addition to the other 50 or so experts, who study current trends and discuss their level of maturity, two customer management experts from BSI will now be part of the CEX Trend Radar committee.

“At BSI, we closely monitor societal and technology trends to meet market needs with our solutions. In this context, the CEX Trend Radar and the discourse among the experts in the community are very valuable, “explains Zeno Hug, Community Manager CRM/CX at BSI. Harald Henn, co-developer of the CEX Trend Radar, adds: “In recent years, BSI has shown that they have a clear vision in the banking, insurance and retail sectors, particularly in the customer experience area. BSI offers state-of-the-art, very practical solutions for turning data into customer relationships.”

According to Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner, co-developer of the CEX Trend Radar, “I already worked with BSI and other partners on a study on customer touchpoints in banking at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. That is why we are especially excited about this partnership.

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