February 10, 2021

Seamless customer journeys – with the BSI Customer Suite from CRM company BSI

Baden, February 10, 2021 – Countless market studies have shown that strong customer relationships are the critical success factor for companies and are often the ultimate differentiating factor. With the release of its BSI Customer Suite, the CRM company BSI delivers the ideal foundation for this conclusion. The BSI Customer Suite provides intelligent, real-time data analysis across the entire customer lifecycle, ensuring a holistic understanding of customers and the comprehensive management of customer journeys. This enables companies to design efficient yet personalized customer relationships and leave behind the silo mentality between marketing, sales and service.

With its BSI Customer Suite, BSI offers an integrated solution from a single source that generates an in-depth understanding of customer behavior and comprises the entire customer lifecycle from contact with prospects (marketing) and customer acquisition (sales) to relationship management (service). At the same time, it offers countless options to connect to standard interfaces and connectors, such as Finnova’s banking software or the Zapier web platform, thus providing access to a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of product, service, integration and consulting partners. The BSI Customer Suite is enhanced with industry-specific process solutions and requirements for retail, banking and insurance. BSI is available as SaaS software or as an on-site cloud solution.

The BSI universe converges in the Customer Suite

The BSI Customer Suite incorporates BSI’s entire portfolio of CRM and automation solutions – and sets in motion personalized customer lifecycle management across all customer interfaces. With its various solution components, the BSI Customer Suite meets the needs of marketing, sales and service equally and with a common goal: to gain in-depth customer insights and, based on this knowledge, achieve customer delight to the greatest degree possible.

From customer knowledge to the ecosystem

With the BSI Customer Suite, specialist departments get the key to real customer intelligence on six solution levels:

  • BSI CX: BSI CX is a digital experience platform for marketing, sales and service automation. With BSI CX, you can create and automate cross-departmental customer journeys that respond flexibly to customer behavior and can be monitored and optimized in real time. The integrated content management system and the intelligent link to CRM data and processes ensure that you can serve your customers in a personalized and needs-based manner at online and offline touchpoints. In addition to campaign landing pages, users can dynamically design entire websites, apps, portals and sales tools with navigation and incorporate them into journeys. The integration of artificial intelligence makes contacting customers even more proactive. For example, BSI CX indicates the best point in time to contact your customer; it displays the next best course of action for the specialist to take (Next Best Action and Next Best Product) or predicts a customer’s readiness to defect.
  • BSI CRM: BSI’s CRM system provides a 360° view of customer data and assists users with targeted communication. It stands out with its zero-code approach, modular design and open technology. The most recent machine learning integration into the new release introduces even more options: The AI-based people search and the pre-sorting of e-mails lighten the customer service workload. Sentiment detection in e-mails and the automatic calculation of, for example, the likelihood of a customer’s move based on customer data analysis facilitate a rapid response to customer behavior.
  • BSI AI: With BSI AI, the Artificial Intelligence Platform, you can design and train machine learning (ML) workflows and take them live with a single click – no need for additional programming. Your marketing team can easily make its own changes. Together with data analysts, it can collaboratively evaluate the graphically visualized ML workflows. Data and analyses are available in real time for CRM and marketing automation campaigns. Since the feedback from campaigns passes right back into BSI AI, its artificial intelligence learns continuously.
  • BSI CDP: With the cloud-based Customer Data Platform, companies gain a holistic view of their prospects and customers. Data from different systems are blended in BSI in real time and are combined into a 360° customer profile, ensuring the correctness, completeness and consistency of the data. This data foundation then forms the backbone for customer insights for marketing, sales and service, and personalized omnichannel campaigns.
  • BSI EIP: The Enterprise Integration Platform permits zero-code interfaces and thus the interaction with other ecosystems – a key element in creating innovation around the customer experience. BSI EIP will be part of the BSI Customer Suite 2022; yet, an initial preview is already incorporated into the current release of BSI 2021.
  • BSI Insight: With BSI Insight, companies gain an intuitive analysis tool for sales, marketing and service that facilitates evidence-based decisions in real time. It is suitable for analyzing large amounts of data, provides clear reporting dashboards and assists users with creating target groups or audiences.

“The critical factor for success in the future is customer delight – and in the digital world, customer delight increasingly develops across channels,” explains Markus Brunold, CEO of BSI. “With the BSI Customer Suite, companies have a comprehensive tool for successful digital customer relationships: Intelligent analyses demonstrate in real time what matters to customers and how they respond to different types of contact. You can then build everything else on this: personalized customer journeys in real time, needs-based offers, the AI-based determination of Next Best Actions for sales and proactive service offers. And it is all about offering customers relevant experiences that are perfectly tailored to them.”

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BSI at a glance

The Swiss software developer BSI provides a holistic, AI-supported platform for the digitalization of customer relationships. For Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Energy & Utilities, the BSI Customer Suite provides everything necessary for an excellent customer experience. In addition to its many years of industry expertise, this also includes BSI's CRM system with a generative 360° customer view and the AI-powered BSI companion. Around 230 corporate clients use BSI's software to reach over 150 million end customers across Europe. Since its founding in Switzerland in 1996, the company has proved itself as a market leader in its focus industries in the DACH region. Its clients include renowned companies such as ADAC, Raiffeisen Bankengruppe, Signal Iduna, and PostFinance. Software and people together - that's what BSI stands for.

BSI Customer Suite

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