March 6, 2024

Digital transformation: Merkur Versicherung to work with BSI to focus on customer communication

Graz | Baden, March 6, 2024 - With the AI-supported BSI Customer Suite, Merkur Versicherung takes its next step in highlighting the importance of customer communication. The long-established Austrian insurance company unceasingly pursues its strategic goal of putting its customers ever closer to the center of its business with this integrative software solution from Swiss industry expert BSI. Taking this step toward digital customer communication makes Merkur Versicherung a first-mover company in the Austrian insurance industry.

For companies to continue to be successful in our Amazonized world, they must be guided by their customers’ individual circumstances and offer customized solutions; and Merkur Versicherung, with locations in Graz and Salzburg, has done just that and has placed top priority on truly understanding its customers.

Espousing digital opportunities and facilitating a comprehensive service experience across all touchpoints: This is what the company will be working on in the future together with the software company BSI Business Systems Integration AG. The BSI Customer Suite, an AI-supported customer platform, is designed to customize the insurer’s customer relationship management, tailored individually to each customer. The combination of customer journey management, automation, big data, and AI ensures personalized communication and automated processes.

A first-mover company in the digital customer communication space

The strategic requirement of communicating digitally with customers has also helped cultivate the partnership between BSI, an industry expert, and Austria’s oldest insurance company. Experts from both companies developed the technical, structural, and creative prerequisites that will allow Merkur Versicherung to engage with its customers in their specific life situations in a manner that is targeted and personalized. With this step towards an optimized customer experience and a scalable software solution, Merkur becomes a first-mover company in digitization among insurers in Austria. The company also plans a step-by-step expansion of the customer platform into sales and customer service.

"When we put the person at the center, we need to know their needs, desires, and expectations. For us at Merkur, it is critical to be guided by our customers’ everyday lives and, as their trusted partner, assure them that our products hold the quality customers can expect from us. Not only are we breaking new ground with the BSI Customer Suite, but we are also setting a benchmark,” explains Markus Spellmeyer, CSO of Merkur Versicherung.

“With the help of data, we find out what is important to our customers, consequently understanding their needs. Through the BSI Customer Suite, these insights flow entirely into our customer communication and complement our existing tools perfectly,” adds Daniela Pak-Graf, Managing Director of Merkur Innovation Lab.

According to Markus Brunold, CEO of BSI, “Our partnership with Merkur Versicherung demonstrates that we can achieve significant milestones together through open communication and with expertise and trust. We look forward to a common future, where we can continue to develop first-rate software solutions for Mercury.”

Oliver Hechler, BSI Community Manager Insurance, states that “We are delighted to deliver added value to Merkur Versicherung on its journey toward digital customer communication. Our successful partnership points to our industry focus and our leading position in the DACH region.”


Credit: Marija Kanizaj

From left to right: Jens Thuesen (Board of Directors, BSI), Markus Brunold (CEO of BSI), Markus Spellmeyer (CSO, Merkur Versicherung), Daniela Pak-Graf (Managing Director, Merkur Innovation Lab), Oliver Hechler (BSI Community Manager Insurance), Christoph Stanzer (Head of Marketing, Merkur Versicherung)

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