December 6, 2022

BSI Customer Suite being used to great effect by one of Germany's biggest multi-line insurance agencies

Baden, Dezember, 6, 2022 – Software company BSI is supporting Mercedes-Benz Versicherungsservice GmbH (MBVS), one of Germany's biggest multi-line insurance agencies, with its BSI Customer Suite. The insurance service provider has been using BSI's customer relationship management system to great effect since the end of 2021, and is now planning to introduce BSI CX in order to increase the automation of its marketing activities.

With BSI Customer Suite, BSI offers a holistic platform for the digitization of customer relationships. BSI offers everything that is required for excellent customer experiences in the insurance, retail, banking and energy & utilities sectors. BSI also supports the multi-line insurer mentioned with the use of its platform. In order to help the company's advisors process well over 10,000 inquiries from customers each month, BSI CRM is used to manage contracts and in the processes for preparing offers and handling applications. The process enables advisors to create a consultation record and obtain a range of offers using the pricing services offered by Allianz, whose products the multi-line agency offers within the company. These offers can then be sent to customers together with the consultation records. If the customer signs an application, the advisor can quickly and easily review it and then forward it to the insurance provider.

BSI facilitates a 360° view of customers based on the GDV standard with a BiPro interface

The policies are generated by the insurer, and the concluded contract returns to the CRM system via the integrated interface with the German Insurance Association (GDV). The GDV standard is the most important standard for the centralized sharing of customer, contract and commission data in Germany. It allows a customer's contracts to be automatically compared with the offers generated in BSI, and an insured person's entire life cycle to be mapped in BSI. The 360° customer view that this facilitates is particularly relevant for multi-line insurance agencies because they work with a number of different insurance providers, and therefore rely on a standardized data format. The process enables advisors to create a consultation record and obtain a range of offers using the pricing services offered by Allianz, whose products the insurance service offers within the company. The pricing services offered by Allianz are used via a BiPro interface.

Next project stages due – use of BSI CX planned

Following the successful go-live in December 2021, the second stage of the project now involves linking up with the marketing function, which is also to benefit from the new solution alongside the sales and sales management functions. Among other things, there are plans to also include the BSI CX customer experience solution for the contact forms on the Mercedes-Benz Versicherungsservice GmbH website. All data inputted by customers will now be integrated directly and seamlessly into BSI. Work is also underway on setting it up so that customers will only be able to sign applications and contracts digitally in the future. "Our solutions were well received from the outset. The seamless integration into the system landscape and intuitive operation lessen the workload of our customer's advisors. The policyholders also feel the benefits," said Oliver Hechler, Insurance Community Manager at BSI. "We are very happy that this successful partnership is now approaching its next milestone with the introduction of BSI CX."

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The Swiss software developer BSI provides a holistic, AI-supported platform for the digitalization of customer relationships. For Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Energy & Utilities, the BSI Customer Suite provides everything necessary for an excellent customer experience. In addition to its many years of industry expertise, this also includes BSI's CRM system with a generative 360° customer view and the AI-powered BSI companion. Around 230 corporate clients use BSI's software to reach over 150 million end customers across Europe. Since its founding in Switzerland in 1996, the company has proved itself as a market leader in its focus industries in the DACH region. Its clients include renowned companies such as ADAC, Raiffeisen Bankengruppe, Signal Iduna, and PostFinance. Software and people together - that's what BSI stands for.

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