June 16, 2021

BDO counts on BSI as the master system for customer relationship management

Some 1,400 BDO employees at 34 locations use the CRM system from software company BSI for the management of more than 24,000 customers.

Baden, June 16, 2021 – BDO, one of the leading auditing, trust and consulting companies in Switzerland, uses BSI to manage its customer data and customer relationships. BSI replaced two previously used CRM systems when the new CRM solution was rolled out for over 1,400 employees in all 34 locations in Switzerland.

During the project, the software company BSI stood out with its many years of experience in B2B CRM. Stefan Gerber, CRM project manager at BDO, explains the company’s selection of BSI: “With the wide range of functions the BSI CRM solution has, we can ensure individualized customer service along with efficient and simple processes.”

With support from the CRM solution from BSI, 1,400 employees serve more than 24,000 customers. A well-thought-out data model and an SAP integration form the basis of the new CRM system. BSI CRM is the new master system for customer data, replacing SAP. Since the company continues to use SAP for accounting, real-time interfaces to the SAP system were implemented. In addition, BSI replaces the previously used CRM systems, therefore making it easier for the company’s customer reps to provide customer service.

Optimized data quality and efficient customer data collection

BSI chose automatic data cleansing, including duplicate checks, to create an ideal starting point for the new CRM system. An interface to Bisnode, the data broker, additionally protects data quality: When a new customer is entered into the system, potentially matching entries are automatically displayed and can easily be applied to the CRM. In addition, it is straightforward to transfer classifications such as legal form, industry codes (NOGA), company size, and key figures such as revenue and number of employees from Bisnode into the CRM.

Thereby, BSI facilitates sustainable and efficient customer service, and the customer reps benefit from fast and easy data input. Even the mutation of customer data has become foolproof. To ensure the standardized use of BSI CRM, the BDO project team, with support from BSI, trained

BSI Business Systems Integration AG 2

roughly 1,400 end users. Stephan Bolliger, partner and member of the BDO management, is pleased to report that “A standardized CRM solution with efficient processes is essential for our strategy and further development, and BSI is the right partner with the right product for that. We are confident it will be a success.”

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