WIR Bank’s digital journey with BSI

Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

WIR Bank, founded in 1934 as a cooperative bank, is in the process of reinventing itself. For its customer service, it relies on BSI. The bank’s objective is to attract new customers through a high level of personalization, build up the network, establish new collaborations and increase competitiveness through automated processes.

Key facts

  • The focus is on the digital SME business;
  • The 360° view: a uniform system for marketing, new customer acquisition, existing customers, networking and collaborations;
  • Compliance with all regulatory standards;
  • Automation thanks to end-to-end digital processes;
  • Integrated business cases for pricing by incorporating existing systems.

BSI_Customer_Summit_2021_Claudio Gisler_WIR-Bank

“What is digitization today?” asks Claudio Gisler – and provides the answer along with the question

Digitization and personalization at WIR Bank

WIR Bank’s focus has been on the digital SME business since 2016. With this business model, the bank, with many of its customers in the construction business, is one of the pioneers of end-to-end processes in the Swiss banking sector. For example, skilled trade businesses or tradespeople referral platforms rely on the bank’s digital offers that rest on three pillars: First, self-serve onboarding. The account-opening process must be quick for an SME deciding to become a customer. Secondly, the WIRmarket. If customers want to do business with each other, it must be easy for them to navigate the network. And thirdly, WIRpay – payments must be quick and easy, regardless of individual fees.

In that area, WIR Bank counts on a holistic understanding of its customers, including up-to-date personalization. It uses BSI CRM for this purpose, which covers all areas of new customer acquisition, customer service and marketing. Collaborations, such as with Hausheld.ch, the Swiss renovation portal, lead to new opportunities. Even marketing activities can potentially be integrated, allowing customers to receive more orders. Everyone benefits – thanks to BSI CRM and the collaborations.

“Digitization happened yesterday. Today, we have the opportunity to think of new business models, which include collaborations. For banks like us, this means breaking new ground.”
Claudio Gisler, Head of Product and Channel Management and WIR Bank Executive Board member.


“Digitization happened yesterday: WIR Bank’s digital journey” – This was the title of Claudio Gisler’s presentation at the BSI Customer Summit 2021

Business recommendations with BSI

For an optimized customer experience, customer service, the sales consulting center, marketing, and downstream teams such as the back office and Compliance all use BSI cross-functionally. A total of about 200 employees work with the CRM solution. They benefit especially from the simple and user-friendly interface and the straightforward 360° customer view.

Among WIR Bank’s most important objectives are simplified, coordinated, automated and digital end-to-end processes with the help of the CRM solution, as well as the ability of SMEs to increase their business activities in the WIR business network.

“Our new CRM solution from BSI provides us with all the information we need for personalized customer communication and service.”
Claudio Gisler, Head of Product and Channel Management and WIR Bank Executive Board member.

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