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Elmar Loof
Senior Marketing Manager Content and Communications, BSI
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How BSI harnesses AI’s potential for customer relationship management

The introduction of ChatGPT has brought renewed attention to the opportunities and potential application areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI); AI also presents entirely new possibilities when it comes to designing digital customer relationships. The customers of BSI, the Swiss software company, already benefit from it today: BSI has been using Artificial Intelligence and language models for customer relationship management in its projects since 2018. By now, these open-source language models have become highly developed and come close to ChatGPT in terms of their capability. With the BSI Customer Suite, companies optimize their marketing, sales and service operations with state-of-the-art technologies – all that in compliance with data protection regulations and on the basis of high ethical standards. In addition, BSI’s AI concept gets high marks for a number of strategic advantages.


  • Easy and fast deployment of new LLMs
  • High ethical standards and maximum data protection with open source
  • Independence from AI models and AI solutions
  • Multiple applications are already available

You can find more information about AI in customer management in our press release.

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