Happy birthday! Driving customer loyalty with emotion

Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

Companies can’t go without good customer data. When DPD Switzerland realized that while it had plenty of data about its customers, it did not have nearly enough personal information about them, it went to work. The company, which has a ten percent market share in Switzerland, had already had positive experiences with BSI CRM and BSI CX. Therefore, it had every reason to keep experimenting, especially with BSI CX, the digital experience solution. The result was a remarkable multi-channel campaign called “Happy Birthday!” – and so much more.

Key facts

  • Customer birthdays as a trigger for customer journeys;
  • Multi-channel marketing: How to create emotional and personalized engagement with customers;
  • An openness to experimenting with BSI CX pays off.

Spot-on incorporating a personal element

Attention matters: People love being celebrated and sharing some of who they are, which we also see on social media, where it is common to wish Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts a happy birthday.

The basic idea behind the multi-channel “Happy Birthday!” campaign was the special something people associate with their special day. In addition to conducting a targeted customer loyalty action, DPD also wanted to generate better customer data. This effort included, among other things, sending a print mailing to 3,000 customers. The “Happy Birthday!” pilot project was so successful that DPD expanded it into another campaign with a personal element called Backstage@DPD.

In this campaign, five DPD employees in Switzerland tied the specifics of their day-to-day work to their hobbies in five video portraits. DPD ran the clips in stages between August and December 2021 on the company website as well as on YouTube, Facebook, etc., and used newsletters and live ads as additional advertising media.

The campaign’s objectives were to collect an additional ten percent of customer birthdates, attract 10,000 visitors to the campaign page and increase the number of followers on DPD's social media platforms by ten percent. The feedback resulting from the two campaigns was consistently positive, as were the campaign evaluations. Other campaigns are sure to follow.

“We conducted several smaller campaigns this year to experiment with BSI CX and learn how it works and how we can use it.”
Jasmin Zurbuchen, Team Leader Customer Engagement, DPD Switzerland

Jasmin Zurbuchen, DPD Schweiz

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