Gruyère Energie: BSI CRM for Energy & Utility

Adrian Bucher
Community Manager Health, BSI

We are very excited to welcome Gruyère Energie – yet another customer in the energy sector. Gruyère Energie SA, the energy provider in western Switzerland, will be using BSI CRM to centralize its customer relationship management and strengthen its marketing. With Gruyère Energie, BSI will become further established in the energy market.

In addition to power and water, Gruyère Energie also provides district heating, installation services and network connections with telephony. As a result of the market deregulation, power companies can now sell B2B in other sectors and provide additional services in the B2C segment. Since Gruyère Energie plans to leverage this opportunity proactively, it has selected BSI as its CRM partner. We are very excited to work with Gruyère Energie on this project with a French-speaking BSI project team.

The CRM has several functions in this project: It will be the central data hub, with data from various backend systems, such as the ERP and planning or quotation systems, converging in the CRM, thus benefiting marketing, sales and customer service with the highly regarded 360° view of prospects and customers. The company will also use BSI CRM to create offers for installation work. In addition, the CRM solution provides many opportunities for lead management.

I would like to highlight the following unique aspects of this project:

  • Since BSI CRM is mobile, it is available to the installers at the construction site, allowing them to retrieve the main project and customer information instantly.
  • As the CRM provides an excellent way to map the complex network between buildings, customers and owners, the company will also maintain buildings and properties in the CRM (incl. the 360° view), in addition to customers and business partners. This approach is especially important when it comes to service cases or relocations.

Grégoire Raboud_GESA.jpg

“The market deregulation entailed many changes. With the introduction of a CRM solution, we hope to be able to make ideal use of the opportunities that arise for us in the B2B and B2C segment. For this, we trust BSI, a partner that has convinced us not only technically but also personally all along the line. The CRM solution covers all our requirements as an energy provider.”
Grégoire Raboud, Direction Marketing & Communication Gruyère Energie

Would you like to learn more about how BSI can support your energy company? I would be happy to assist you.

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