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With social media marketing, you can engage with new preferred customers in a highly personalized and effective manner while keeping scatter loss at a minimum. It is easy for marketers to find appropriate prospects and turn them into customers quickly. The biggest challenge is that content, data, processes and technologies must be seamlessly intertwined to get good results at a low cost. BSI is a transparent and complete solution that will enable you to implement your online marketing strategy consistently and in a targeted manner.

Key points

  • The right tech stack helps you be successful in your social media marketing and ensures that your customers experience the perfect customer journey.
  • With BSI CX, customer acquisition takes place practically by itself.
  • The success of your omnichannel strategy increases – automated, trigger-based and personalized, this leads to higher customer satisfaction.

What does your tech stack have to provide for social media marketing?

To be successful with social media marketing, you will want to accompany your customers on their personalized customer journey and compel and delight them with experiences. You can do this if you know what every prospect and every customer wants – and at what time, on which channel and how they would like to be engaged.

Customers experience their customer journey as a uniform story. Customer-oriented marketing takes this into account. Behind the scenes, many departments, specialists, tools and areas of responsibility work hand in hand on the different stages of the customer journey:

  • Segmenting the customer base and defining a target group as the audience
  • Generating new leads using personalized content and ads
  • Turning prospects into customers
  • Recording triggers that influence customer behavior
  • Designing the customer journey with quality service and content

BSI makes all tools available to you in one transparent suite, so you can:

  1. acquire new customers with social media marketing
  2. recognize essential moments in your customers’ lifecycles and
  3. reach out with the right content in the best possible way and a largely automated manner

Automated customer acquisition using social media with BSI

BSI CX makes it easy and intuitive to implement your customer acquisition processes in social media marketing, from activating your data and generating leads to accompanying your customers using an omnichannel approach.

Managing and segmenting customer data

With BSI, you can activate existing data as an essential resource for social media marketing. While your data are available to all your teams and departments, they are also up-to-date, consistent, and continuously growing.

Social media marketing ought to do more than merely provide leads: You want customers with the promise of the highest conversion probability. To accomplish this, you perform customer segmentation in BSI CX using individually defined criteria:

  • Who are the customers with the highest customer lifetime value (CLV)?
  • Which customers have searched for product XY?
  • Who has given you the highest NPS?


Tim is currently your most profitable customer. Based on the existing data, BSI generates a set of properties that describe Tim in detail on many levels.

Engaging with a lookalike audience

You want to find people similar to your preferred customers; in other words, you are looking for more customers like Tim. You use the properties from the customer segmentation to do targeting on the selected social media platform. There, you create a lookalike audience of individuals with a description very similar to Tim’s profile.

Having this knowledge about your preferred customers allows you to reach out to this very promising focus group in a hyper-personalized manner. You can tailor ads and content precisely to each individual and will very likely engage with people who would like to discover your product portfolio and examine it.


You import the properties from Tim’s customer profile into Facebook Business Manager. You know what makes Tim tick, what he is interested in and when he is online. With this knowledge, you can show ads to people resembling Tim that delight them and that they like to click on.

Collecting leads

Upon the first interaction with ads about your brand and your brand content, new prospects will contact you. The social media platform will transfer the customer data to BSI in real time. There, the records are enriched with additional information with each customer interaction. The most important information includes:

  • First name and last name
  • E-mail
  • Search requests
  • On-page transaction data (even if the purchase has not yet been completed)

This approach allows you to collect new and valuable leads from your focus groups as a basis for the subsequent sales process.

Automating the customer journey

You can define responses in BSI that occur automatically when a customer performs a specific action: from abandoning the shopping cart to asking a question that your FAQs have an answer to. Automated and trigger-based, the system will send personalized and situationally adapted follow-up e-mails, news and in-depth content.


Susanna shares many characteristics and interests with Tim. She sees your ad in her Facebook feed and is interested right away. After clicking on the ad, she can register for an incentive and voluntarily submits her contact information in response to it. This contact information is immediately sent to the CRM using the Zapier interface. Susanna receives a compelling offer and places an order. A week later, she receives an invitation to participate in the NPS survey.

The conclusion

Success in social media marketing depends upon delightful user experiences customized to the person and his or her current needs, which requires a suitable tech stack that allows you to manage all subtasks transparently. BSI will help you implement your omnichannel strategy using highly automated processes, thus freeing up resources to provide quality customer service, make additional campaign enhancements and achieve even better results.

Would you, too, like to implement an omnichannel strategy in the future and automate your social media management efficiently? The team at BSI has many years of experience in the retail industry and would be happy to assist and advise you.

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