ajco develops BSI connectors for Aurea CRM

Ulrich Höner zu Bentrup
Principal Consultant, Bereichsleiter BSI Software / CRM und CXM, ajco solutions

Companies in a number of industries use Aurea CRM. Still, being on-premises software, the system has its limitations when it comes to marketing automation topics, the mapping of leading-edge customer journeys and multi-channel management. That’s the reason ajco has developed bidirectional connectors to BSI CX, one of the most state-of-the-art customer experience software solutions.

Key benefits

  • BSI CX is the ultimate complement to on-premises CRM solutions
  • Leverages state-of-the-art marketing capabilities without CRM migration
  • Default connector for Aurea CRM and other systems

Integration of Aurea CRM and BSI CX with the ajco connector

Companies are not always ready to replace their existing CRM system to facilitate state-of-the-art marketing automation and customer journey mapping. Frequently, they use newsletter tools or other marketing software simultaneously. The disadvantage of this approach is apparent: Data silos accumulate, and mapping a seamless interaction between sales, service and marketing is only possible up to a certain point.

That is the reason why ajco, a BSI Partner, developed a connector to link the Aurea CRM used by several ajco customers to BSI CX.

The Aurea CRM-to-BSI CX connector is a bidirectional interface:

1. Use Aurea CRM data in BSI CX

  • Use data from Aurea CRM (such as company, contact and interest data) in BSI CX to trigger, personalize and individualize customer journeys;
  • Also use selections of data from Aurea CRM in BSI CX to supply customer journeys with data.

2. Document customer behavior in Aurea CRM

  • Document activities occurring between your company and your customers (e-mails, text messages, landing page visits, data changes on forms) as part of BSI customer journeys in Aurea CRM and view them in the 360° view.

3. Involve employees in the CRM

  • Involve your employees in your customer journeys. For example, after a customer visits your landing page, the system can create a task for a sales employee to call the customer back, or it can generate a ticket after a customer uses a web form.

Ajco has put together a brief video to show you what all this looks like:

Complement existing CRM marketing functions

Aurea CRM users in marketing often utilize the extensive selection options Aurea CRM and Aurea Campaign Management offer. With the BSI CX connector, they can initiate customer journeys from Aurea CRM’s campaign management and reflect their customers’ behavior during customer journeys in campaign management.

Connectors for other CRM systems as well

With ajco’s expertise, BSI CX can also connect to other CRM systems, which means you can offset the shortcomings of older CRM systems and, particularly, old on-premises solutions. In addition, you can map state-of-the-art customer communication related to the following topics:

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Customer welcome, including purchase confirmation, cross-selling
  • Product registration
  • Trade fair and event communication
  • Trigger-based marketing
  • Individual communication around appointments and events
  • Increased product use, cross-selling, upselling

It goes without saying that ajco is also available to advise on replacing obsolete on-premises systems with the state-of-the-art, cloud-based BSI Customer Suite, therefore making the advantages of all BSI products available to you.

About the author:

Ulrich Höner zu Bentrup, ajco solutions GmbH

Ulrich Höner zu Bentrup, Principal Consultant, Section Manager BSI Software/CRM and CXM, ajco solutions GmbH

Ulrich Höner zu Bentrup earned his degree from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt and then worked at software company update Software AG, among other companies, for several years. He joined ajco in 2016 and has been primarily responsible for very large CRM customer implementation projects.

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