350+ personalized customer journeys at Transgourmet

Charlotte Malz
Head of Marketing, BSI

Transgourmet has been using the marketing automation solution from BSI for two years now, and the solution has already accumulated more than 350 personalized customer journeys (stories). gateB, our partner providing support to Transgourmet with this exciting process, interviewed Remo Allemann, Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce.

What type of stories do you implement?

Among other things, we map our customers’ journeys in BSI from start to finish – from welcoming and activating new customers to churn prevention and customer win-back. The solution automatically triggers digital and analog actions or additional stories in each phase.

Transgourmet Lastwagen

Is there a bestseller, or do you have a personal favorite?

We have received incredibly positive feedback about our personalized newsletters (over 30,000 e-mails a week), and the opening rate is progressing nicely in a positive direction.

At the same time, we automated the quality monitoring and maintenance of our data (over 200,000 profiles) and were, for instance, able to permanently eliminate all duplicates.

Can you already quantify the impact of the added automation and higher personalization in the customer dialogue?

With the first phase of the newsletter personalization, we increased the opening rate by more than 40%, while the unsubscribe rate per delivery is trending toward zero.

How has your work and the work of your team and organization changed?

Companies cannot achieve the results they hope for with a marketing automation solution alone. What’s also necessary is customer testing and the courage to make changes.

The challenge lies in the infinite possibilities such a solution provides and in identifying the ”right” data points and trigger values.

For us, the times of mail merge in Word and address files in Excel and other tools are gone for good. We can now manage an entire campaign directly in BSI: from selecting customers and creating the means of communication (e-mail, letter or CRM order) all the way to printing the letters or sending the e-mails to customers.

”The beauty of it is that BSI CX is remarkably simple to use. It is not rocket science and does not require the study of lengthy manuals. New employees can build their own stories on their second day of working here.”

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