“Our specification was difficult and the schedule was tight. BSI's initial partial solution was placed smoothly into operation.”

Claus-Peter Achatz,
Versicherungskammer Bayern

“It takes hard work and good software to take care of our many business partners.”

Robert Weidinger,
LV 1871

“The name behind our customer software is no secret: BSI.”


Sylvie Meyer, PostFinance

Software for CRM, call centers, CTMS and more. What would you like?

Two things are needed for good business software: on the one hand, a company like yours, which seeks a future-oriented solution for CRM and other applications. And on the other hand, a software partner that masters not just bits and bytes, but also understands your strategy and your processes: a partner like BSI. Our CRM software brings tens of thousands of users closer to customers daily. We also offer tried and tested software products for contact centers, cash registers and counters, insurance companies and clinical tests. Behind them are open technologies, multifaceted industry experience and authentic full service from conception to operation. You stand before all this with your goals. It’s great that we’ve found one another.

BSI CRM Indigo for all devices

Why BSI?

For at least seven good reasons: BSI solutions adapt to the requirements and not vice versa. BSI applications convince 120,000 users daily. BSI software has no expiration date. BSI full-service makes you happy for years to come. BSI products and projects are calculable. BSI employees love their customers. BSI has grown large, but has remained flexible.

Why CRM?

CRM is more than just software. CRM is a promise to better understand customers and to better serve them. With sixteen powerful arguments about success factors, ROI and the advantages for companies, customers and staff, we share our expertise gathered over 19 years of experience in service to our customers.

BSI products

BSI software has one heart, but many faces:

A new era

BSI CRM Indigo delivers more structure, character and design to customer data and processes – and greater workday convenience. 

BSI CRM Indigo

Added value by identification

Read the study and learn what companies have to offer their customers in return for their data. (German only)

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Serving as a profession

What distinguishes good butlers, how they impress clients without much ado, and what can be learned from this for other businesses is what we wish to share in this keynote.

Read the interview

Code word transparency

Open source or customized? Our answer is a double yes. With future-oriented software with open standards.

Test Eclipse Scout

Seeking team players

Why do we work so well together at BSI? Because each and every one of us can be ourselves. A beautiful vision? Then introduce yourself.

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