Hanseatic Bank Smart credit tracking and trigger-based marketing

Many Hanseatic Bank customers are so-called partial payers who pay their outstanding balances over the course of several months. To ensure that these outstanding amounts are not too high, the bank must constantly check credit limits and process customer orders promptly. As a result of implementing the BSI Customer Suite, Hanseatic Bank can now resolve customer inquiries faster and more efficiently. Additionally, with the new trigger-based marketing approach, the bank can now engage with its customers on the right channel, at the right time and with the right message.

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About the customer

Hanseatic Bank, based in Hamburg since its founding in 1969, has had customers and partners throughout Germany from the very beginning. Werner Otto had established the bank to allow Otto Versand’s customers to finance their purchases. In 2005, Société Générale, the large French bank, took over 75 percent of the Hanseatic’s shares, while the Otto Group continues to hold 25 percent. Since then, the bank’s customer base and product range have expanded significantly. In addition to consumer credits, the privately owned, Hamburg-based Hanseatic Bank offers deposits, insurance policies and factoring, among other lines of business. Its credit cards with innovative services for customers and collaboration partners are one of its specialty areas.

Processes simplify our work. Besides, we can now process customer inquiries even better and in a more targeted manner thanks to the process management and the centralized customer view.
Nicole Melson, Head of Existing Customer Marketing, Hanseatic Bank

360° customer view

Previously, customers established contact with Hanseatic by calling a contact center. Yet, this contact center, an external service provider, did not have direct access to Hanseatic’s internal banking systems, which meant the bank had to extract data regularly and forward them securely to the contact center. While this scenario involved a considerable amount of work, it also meant that it was not always possible to take all customer calls promptly.

When Hanseatic implemented BSI CRM, its employees gained a cross-channel 360° view of the bank’s customer data. They can now resolve many questions, such as those about a customer’s current account balance, as early as during the initial customer contact.

Additional options for activation campaigns

The bank also works with the BSI Digital Experience Platform BSI CX and uses it, among other things, for trigger-based campaigns, birthday or welcome mailings and NPS measurements. With BSI, Hanseatic Bank can turn simple customer journeys into multi-level campaigns with speed and flexibility, create landing pages with forms for marketing actions and make target group selections.

Personalized customer mailings with AI

Hanseatic Bank plans to apply Artificial Intelligence in the next few months to generate customer mailings with personalized topics, content, and designs. Also, it intends to implement an automated process where incoming e-mails are assigned to the appropriate customers and actions, offering tremendous potential for efficiency improvements and reduced employee workloads. For example, the bank will also automate the control over the individual e-mail components customers will receive with a design and content suitable for them.


Nicole Melson, Head of Existing Customer Marketing, Hanseatic Bank

The BSI Customer Suite has impressed us with its comprehensive reporting, the opportunity to manage multi-level campaigns easily, and the almost unlimited options for activating new and existing customers.

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René Konrad, Creator of Customer Delight

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