The trigger-based customer journey Fewer cart abandonments and more conversions

Lower your cart abandonment risk with online trigger-based customer journeys. BSI CX lets you respond very precisely to patterns in customer behavior. Its automation triggers let you send the best possible message at exactly the right moment. Using this approach, you will boost your conversion rate and ensure a memorable customer experience.


Lower your cart abandonment rate Boosting the purchase probability with targeted messages

The average rate of cart abandonment in retail is about 70%. Don’t miss out on this untapped potential. By supporting visitors to your site that abandoned their carts with targeted offers, information and reminders at critical points, you create a win-win experience.

Define individual triggers Identifying valuable patterns in customer behavior

The close integration of webshop, CDP and customer journey management makes it easy to recognize interesting patterns in your customers’ online behaviors: Dwell time, search history, and the specific location of the cart abandonment all provide valuable clues to customer needs. You can distinguish between typical triggers such as cart abandonment and define individual automation triggers.

Send automated messages The right response at the right time

By adapting your communication to your customers’ behavior, you can meet their needs and expectations in a customized manner at the perfect moment. Send relevant information and messages that contain added value. Use the omnichannel approach to provide additional incentives at precisely the moment your customer is open to it.

Intelligent customer journey marketing Enriching the customer experience through personalization

Personalization plays a key role in your customer journey marketing. BSI CX supports the main customer experience driver through its 360° view of all data. Even if your customers have no intention to buy right now, you can put to use many of the milestones in their lives to engage with them by providing added value and create the potential for delight.

Frequency cap and "collision management" Relevant information only

Your customer expects relevant and customized information from you. To avoid burdening the customer relationship, a reliable method to prevent sending spam and duplicate messages is essential. BSI prevents excessive contact frequency with frequency capping and "collision management", ruling out dependably that you create the impression of using a high degree of advertising pressure.

Remarkably high acceptance levels:

More than 45% of recipients open the e-mail they receive after abandoning their shopping cart. More than 50% click on the link, and of those, 50% are motivated to buy (Moosend, 2021 ).

Trigger-based actions turn cart-abandoning customers into brand ambassadors

An example: The “Online trigger-based customer journey” story

Many customers visit your webshop for running shoes at regularly. By providing reviews, accessory lists and repair instructions, you create added value, resulting in a cart abandonment rate of less than 60%, which is better than average. However, every single abandoned cart equals lost potential. Tim ordered one basic pair of running shoes from your store once before. Yet today, he looks at particularly high-priced products and puts two similar models in his shopping cart. Then, he reads two blog articles, and after that, he exits your site.

Since your system is well prepared for this scenario, the likelihood that you will still bring the sale to a conclusion is high.

The information about Tim’s visit goes from the webshop directly into BSI CX. The system instantly detects two triggers:

  1. The customer abandoned a full cart.
  2. The customer spent a lot of time reading blog articles.

Tim did not make it to the payment page. This scenario has happened on occasion before and usually means that a demanding customer does not have adequate information to make the purchase decision.

The system changed Tim’s customer type from the beginner to the professional category based on his behavior. Then, Tim receives a concise, clear recommendation for the best-selling product in his category, accompanied by a brief explanation and a limited-time offer with a 5% discount. The message goes to Mark via e-mail and web push notification.

Before the day is over, Tim orders the recommended product.

The trigger-based customer journey White paper: How trigger-based customer journeys bring your customers back around

Find out in our white paper how a trigger-based customer journey with automated actions will make your customers happier than ever. Automated triggers also make work easier for your customer support team and provide delightful customer experiences at the same time.


High completion rate and delighted regular customers

With online trigger-based customer journeys, you increase the completion rate and reduce cart abandonment. You create delightful customer experiences with automated invitations and information across all touchpoints. You celebrate important events in your customers’ lives with suitable offers. With BSI CX, you can personalize your customer journey management to a high degree while also automating it simply and with flexibility.

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"Collision management" is defined as a company’s efforts to successfully manage the number of marketing campaigns/materials/messages to ensure that the customer does not perceive them as too frequent.

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