Touchpoint management Consistent, authentic, and customer-centric

Customers use more and more touchpoints to communicate with your business: examples are online ads, websites, customer service, stores, and social media. BSI manages these contacts uniformly and guides your customers at every touchpoint along their customer journey. You will come across as consistent, authentic and customer-centric.


Channel-independent The separation of process and software

The same process should work the same way in every company without regard to the channel. It does not matter whether your customer complains by letter or at the store, or whether she places an order on your website or by calling your customer service line. Therefore, BSI has always maintained a strict separation between channel and process. This separation allows you to connect to new channels quickly and easily and adapt processes to changing conditions rapidly.

Consistent Creating positive customer experiences

To create positive customer experiences, you need touchpoint management. With BSI, you can communicate consistently across all channels and touchpoints. You are always personally at your customers’ side and recognize the individual relevance of each touchpoint.

Seamless Channel hoppers want omnichannel

So-called channel hoppers select a particular channel depending on the time, product, or situation and “hop” back and forth during the purchase process. The only way to offer them a seamless customer experience is with omnichannel software like BSI, which considers your processes without regard to the channel.

Automatic Always the right channel

The system automatically passes out leads generated through the website and continuously monitors their processing. All communication is integrated across all channels, via either the customer portal, text message, or Facebook, and you can start any process from any touchpoint.

360° view Personalized customer journeys

Even though they are from different systems, all data are combined in a 360° view in the BSI Suite, allowing you to use them fully to personalize authentic journeys across touchpoints.

Touchpoint management capabilities

The billboard touchpoint example

Each touchpoint allows you to bring your customers into the system – even the billboard in the pedestrian zone serves that purpose. You might consider, for example, adding a QR code to your billboard. When your customer passes by and scans the code, you will instantly learn more about her. She might give you her e-mail address or follows your page on Facebook.

BSI, being trigger-based, then delivers the right Facebook ad. The customer journey has just begun – stay tuned.


Jürgen Eckert, CEO, Degussa Bank

Every interaction we approach incorrectly involves costs, and we don’t know what these costs are.

Many touchpoints – one consistent picture of the company

To create positive customer experiences, you need touchpoint management; because each touchpoint allows you to offer your customers an unforgettable experience during their customer journey. The prerequisite is that you know your touchpoints, design them consistently, and coordinate them proactively.

There is no need for a new tool for every touchpoint. On the contrary, too many tools preclude a central customer view. With a generic yet flexible solution like BSI, you can communicate consistently across all channels and touchpoints. You are always personally at your customers’ side and recognize the individual relevance of each touchpoint. All data is summarized in the 360° view and harnessed to personalize authentic journeys across touchpoints.

Remember that your customers are channel hoppers. Their preferred platforms change rapidly. Stay in the game and integrate selected touchpoints in sales, marketing, and service proficiently.

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BSI knows your business

Whether sales, marketing or service: you can put our two million code lines and promising solutions together with equal ease – through uncompromising technology, a highly flexible data model and a captivating user experience.


Set up trigger-based, highly personalized customer journeys within 15 minutes with BSI. They help you provide an unforgettable experience and maximize your business success.


BSI offers a central, virtual advisor workstation with access to all relevant customer information. This improves the chances of a successful business conclusion.


BSI’s guided processes enable more efficient handling of customer issues. This saves you time and money in the long term, and makes your customers happy.


BSI provides you with powerful analytics, clearly arranged reporting dashboards and the possibility of data-based challenges to your decisions. BSI is your direct access to business intelligence.

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