Sentiment analysis When AI recognizes your customers’ voice

Whether for social media monitoring or complaint management: with artificial intelligence, BSI automatically analyzes your customers’ voice in real time and across all channels.


Deep learning AI is steadily growing smarter

The potential of sentiment analysis has developed enormously in recent years: it has meanwhile grown far beyond identifying tendencies to detecting a positive or negative sentiment. This makes BSI’s algorithms technological pioneers, with artificial intelligence trained for a wide range of applications.

All formats Images, videos and conversations

While sentiment analysis is typically used for written texts such as e-mails or online ratings, BSI can do even more: the AI automatically analyzes people in photos and videos and analyzes whether they are happy or unhappy. Even the sentiment during a telephone conversation is recognized by the AI.

Integration Real-time analyses

You have all data in an integrated system with BSI. Only in this way can you instantly react to changes. If your customer predominantly responds positively to your messages, then the time is right to make an offer. And when the sentiment turns negative? BSI automatically launches a churn prevention process, sends the customer a gift or invites them to a personal conversation. The reaction in real time is central here, otherwise the goodie will probably be offered too late.

New target groups Clustering by sentiment

A positive or negative sentiment can serve as the basis for target group-specific marketing by cluster. With BSI you can group your leads not only by age, gender and residence, but can also integrate the sentiment of individuals and target your marketing towards it.

Large data volumes Specific for each application

An anonymous rating in an online shop is not the same as a personal conversation with a customer advisor. That is why we train the AI specifically for each application and customer. Our large existing data volume means that this is possible more quickly than you might think!

Sentiment analysis as a trigger

Recognize and react to dissatisfaction in real time

Your customer is dissatisfied and complains in an e-mail. It is important to act quickly in situations like this.

BSI recognizes the dissatisfaction in the e-mail and immediately launches an action that has been predefined by you. In apology for the negative experience, the customer receives a box of chocolates with a letter from your customer advisor – without losing valuable time for the organization.

What’s more, BSI monitors the customer’s sentiment over an extended period of time. For example, if the next e-mail from the customer remains negative despite them having received the chocolate, then it is time for the customer advisor to pick up the phone and handle the matter personally.

Our AI speaks your language

Not all customer feedback is to be considered equally. A comment in an anonymous forum is often written rashly, while feedback during a phone conversation with an experienced customer advisor has an entirely other significance. Even when artificial intelligence can analyze comments both from the Internet and in phone conversations, it must do this in very different ways. Each individual must be considered precisely.

Sounds like a lot of work? It isn’t!

Our pre-trained models can already access a database comprising more than 3.3 billion words. Our AI is already well-versed in German, knows how to compose sentences and recognizes the context based on the words it knows.

We specifically train the AI for each of our customers and every type of application – after all, every industry has its own jargon and understanding of what is considered positive or negative.

We will be happy to also teach our AI your company’s terminology!

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BSI knows your business

Whether sales, marketing, service or customer insights: you can put our two million code lines and promising solutions together with equal ease – through uncompromising technology, a highly flexible data model and a captivating user experience.


Set up trigger-based, highly personalized customer journeys within 15 minutes with BSI. They help you provide an unforgettable experience and maximize your business success.


BSI offers a central, virtual advisor workstation with access to all relevant customer information. This improves the chances of a successful business conclusion.


BSI’s guided processes enable more efficient handling of customer issues. This saves you time and money in the long term, and makes your customers happy.


BSI provides you with powerful analytics, clearly arranged reporting dashboards and the possibility of data-based challenges to your decisions. BSI is your direct access to business intelligence.

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