Influencer management Efficient influencer management – where everyone benefits

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, companies need to do influencer management right. We will show you how to best set up, implement and report on your partnership with influencers so you can combine data-driven optimizations with the influencers’ emotional pull – for delighted end customers.


Social commerce: Social media shopping

Social commerce utilizes the positive effects of social media in retail, making it even more important for brands to position themselves firmly on social media. Social selling, social shopping, social commerce – all these terms represent the combination of sales and social networks. And social commerce is not limited to retail only – there is also an increasing connection between social media and sales in the B2B sector.

Influencer management White paper: Partnering with influencers

A company’s influencer marketing is only as good as its influencer management. We will show you its most important aspects – so you can reach your customers effectively and efficiently using a customized approach.


Influencer marketing Referral marketing 2.0

Partnerships with influencers that take referral marketing to a new level are particularly valuable. And the numbers demonstrate how important these collaborations are: Almost 68% of respondents have already purchased a product they saw an influencer advertise on TikTok.

Influencer relationship management Regarding influencers as customers

Companies need to understand their customers to succeed in today’s marketing landscape. This includes thinking of influencers as customers – with their own needs and expectations, a personal influencer journey and suitable influencer relationship management. That is how to build the right influencer relationships that advance your brand – and keep it ahead.

The influencer journey From first contact to loyalty

The influencer journey is based on the customer journey and comprises the following four phases: Awareness – First, your brand must be visible to the influencer. Once the contact has been established, and the relationship between you and the influencer becomes stronger, credibility ensues. Then, the campaign enters the connection phase, in which the influencer actively promotes your brand. If the influencer is a good match for your brand, the connection turns into loyalty, where an influencer recommends your brand because she personally believes in it. The right influencer relationship management (IRM) tool is essential to move through this process successfully.

IRM basics What effective influencer relationship management with BSI looks like

You need a sophisticated influencer relationship management system to optimize your influencer marketing. BSI includes everything you need: In addition to the database function to search for the right influencers, it incorporates the design of the influencer journey, campaign management and evaluation, the calculation of the influencer lifetime value and detailed reporting – all from a single source.

E-commerce in 2022 BSI – your partner for top-notch customer experiences

BSI will support you in managing your customer and influencer data, setting up and evaluating campaigns and making your partnerships successful. Thanks to a straightforward UI, your sales team will benefit from the seamless systems in the background, which always provide just the information your teams need. This proficient setup ensures that your campaigns will be successful in the long term. Take advantage of the valuable benefits of influencer marketing for your company – with BSI.

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