Event Interaction For more interaction at your events

BSI offers powerful interaction boosters to turn your online, hybrid and on-site events into unforgettable affairs. With AI, real-time polling and mood barometers, you can create more interactive engagement and more active networking at your events.


Let’s match up Networking start-up assistance

Have your audience answer questions with a swipe and leave the rest to BSI’s AI. It brings together suitable conversation partners through clustering. A defined number of best matches is shown with a picture, name, motto, and match level in percent. Networking matches can contact each other via e-mail or WhatsApp (depending on preference and consent).

Sentiment Applause-o-meter

BSI measures the number of virtually executed (by touching a button) applause events per minute and aggregates the sentiment in real time. It then converts the data into a visually appealing chart to make the current mood visible and tangible.

In real time Live polling

With the intuitive Content Management System, it is easy to set up and automate CI/CD-compliant landing pages with short polls or play them manually if you like more control. Answers are collected in real time and are funneled into easy-to-understand charts.

Versatile and tailor-made Personalized landing pages

There is more besides polling you can implement quickly with drag and drop with the integrated CMS system: There is also other target group-relevant content, such as the event program, virtual exhibit booths or speaker profiles. There are no limits to your creativity.

AI networking – how it works

  • Participants describe themselves by answering questions about their preferences, interests, opinions about specific topics, etc. You can use quick-to-answer yes/no questions and more complex questions with multiple answer options, depending on the need. Your respondents answer the questions either with a swipe or in a survey style.
  • Depending on their answers, they are then assigned to a suitable group using machine learning (ML). The process is called clustering, and it allows you to determine which characteristics are “attractive” and “unappealing” to define networking matches outside of a team or department, for example.
  • For each networker, the solution can calculate the n best matches to be presented to suitable participants. You can integrate information such as profile pictures, motto, status, etc. and display it along with the match. The matched participants can then get in touch with each other – by either e-mail or WhatsApp, depending on their preference.
  • More about AI by BSI

Marc Ussat, Head of the innovation lab B-NEXT, Barmenia Versicherungen

The event interaction tool was received with enthusiasm, and we are planning to use it for other events as well. For me, the highlight was that all participants used the tool without fear. The user data speaks for itself: 486 people participated, the attendees applauded 21,680 times, and 404 individuals took part in the polling.

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