Customer loyalty Gaining brand ambassadors

Customer loyalty does not develop when a product or service meets customers’ expectations, but when it significantly exceeds their expectations. To identify the added value that delights your customers, you must know their needs and align your products and services with those needs. Because delight is the potion that inspires loyalty.


Relationship-oriented Delight your customers, don’t tie them to you

Loyalty programs, discount cards, loyalty cards, and couponing are measures companies adopt to create customer loyalty. Caution is advised, though: Your customers should not feel tied to you but connected to you. They attain this sense of connectedness when guided by relationship-oriented measures companies can adopt with CRM, not when companies string them along with discounting wars.

Expectation management The right promises

A company’s promises determine how customers assess an experience. Ideally, we promise what we can keep or maybe even a little less – to have a positive surprise in store for the customer. In other words, expectation management is also an essential element of customer loyalty management.

Customer experience Surprise!

Customers are delighted when their expectations are exceeded, not only met. The “moment of surprise” is essential. Nevertheless, we must be aware that delight factors can quickly devolve into basic factors, which means that we have to remain creative. BSI will help you with this, with intelligent automation and trigger-based campaigns.

Customer relationship The path to loyal customers

It is no longer enough today to satisfy customers. Far from it, satisfied customers are almost as disloyal as dissatisfied customers are. Because they, too, look for variety. Building a relationship with your customers is the key to success. Relationship means that the customer is at the center, not the product or the service. Targeted customer loyalty measures with BSI will help you do this.

Relationship-oriented Designing loyalty programs correctly

While their wallets overflow with loyalty cards from many companies, customers do not actively use even half of their cards because customer loyalty programs are often not set up correctly. They are frequently designed with a strong focus on trading in the collected points for rewards and do not sufficiently take customers’ true needs into account. Loyalty programs need to be simple and offer genuine added value. We will show you how to do it.

Building customer loyalty with BSI

The best loyalty program is counterproductive if it is not relevant to your customers. Instead, the rewards ought to align with the individual customer segments. If a company wants to map customer profiles and identify its customers’ needs, it has to link its loyalty program to the CRM. This connection allows companies to align their rewards with customer types rather than having to resort to the expensive and inefficient “watering can approach.” It is essential that all employees, on the sales floor and in customer service, have consistent and complete customer profiles. In addition, they must be able to identify customers at all touchpoints and service them seamlessly.

Intelligent customer journeys

«Loyal customers love your company, while disloyal customers love your loyalty program.»

- Claude Schuler, author of the Customer Loyalty Study

Customers notably appreciate offers outside the typical range of rewards: benefits that save them time and simplify their customer journey.

There is no limit to creativity when it comes to developing needs-oriented offers: It could be an invitation to a fashion show at the boutique or, in a more exclusive segment, a special parking spot that includes a car wash service. Not every customer reward has to be costly: The delighted moviegoer with a loyalty card even feels appreciated as a preferred customer when a special “priority line” is set up for her to purchase her popcorn.

From commitment to customer loyalty

«Customers who feel tied to a company stay with it out of compulsion; customers who feel connected to a company stay with it out of conviction.»

- Bernhard Egger, Retail & Service Community Manager, BSI

There is no customer loyalty without commitment. Customers become particularly committed to a company when the business actively involves them in its activities along the value chain – when they are invited to co-author a company’s stories, and when their ideas, experiences, and opinions count.

Delighted customers like to be involved and become brand ambassadors. Customers who recommend a product to others have a six times higher customer value than customers who are “merely” loyal.

Loyalty champions

Customer loyalty best practices:

  • Maximized flexibility, optimized customer experience: The Swiss department store Globus enlists some of its sales floor employees for its contact center. The employees can then mutually assist each other, depending on contact volume and high-volume times at the company’s stores. Whether in customer service or on the sales floor, the employees can access the same systems and view the loyalty program, customer history, and recommendations.
  • An omnichannel loyalty program: Sprüngli, the time-honored confectionery company in Zurich, launched a loyalty program called “Petits Plaisirs.” It delights customers with selected birthday gifts, personal invitations, and individualized offers. The CRM from BSI serves as the foundation linking data maintenance, contact and campaign management, and personal customer service across all channels.
  • Healthy loyalty management: With the help of BSI, Amavita pharmacies integrated its “Starcard” loyalty program, while Sun Store incorporated its “Suncard” loyalty program directly into the CRM system. The two companies had previously offered their programs through an external provider. Now, they manage everything through the CRM, from calculating the number of points and creating account statements to generating vouchers.

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