Customer journey management Customer experience with a WOW effect

Would you like to create delightful customer experiences? Or win loyal customers? Or stand out from your competition? Today, customers have high expectations. They want consistent, relevant and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints and organizational boundaries on their journey from need to purchase and beyond. With BSI, you can create a compelling customer experience – now.


Know your customer Taking your customers’ perspective

Do you know when, why, and on what channel your customers contact your company? Why they purchase from you and not from your competitor? And what is currently occupying them? When you ask yourself these questions, you set out on the path toward customer journey management that provides added customer value. Taking your customers’ perspective as a starting point: BSI will help you with its 360° customer view and highly individualized customer interactions. You will WOW your customers.

A companion along the way At your customer’s side

Customer journey management is more than optimizing individual touchpoints. It is about telling stories with a compelling plot that transcend silos and channels. With BSI, you get a powerful digital experience platform that allows you to keep track of all customer journeys and interact with your customers in a personalized and needs-driven manner. Using this approach will ensure that you accompany all customers on their very personal journey.

Omnichannel Many touchpoints, one identity

Every time they interact with your company, your customers will gather impressions, thus forming an opinion about your company. They will share their positive and negative experiences with others along their customer journey: A lousy review, a favorable tweet, a recommendation for a friend. BSI will help you make sure that your customers have a consistent view of your company, regardless of how and when they contact you.

Live in 15 minutes A customer journey with just a few clicks

With BSI, you can design a customer journey in only 15 minutes: You select the right template and specify the most important key data. The journey builds automatically, and you use drag and drop for any adjustments you would like to make. Then, you can link highly personalized and dynamic content for the various channels. You validate, test, simulate – and the journey is ready to go live.

In real time Fast response, individualized service

Once you have designed a customer journey, it is easy to adjust and further develop it in BSI without your customer noticing it. Based on AI, BSI selects the best channel, the best time to send the newsletter, and the content that best suits a customer. You can respond to customer behavior in real time.

Highly personalized and automated – That’s not a contradiction with BSI

The number of company-owned and external touchpoints continues to grow. Your customers expect you to recognize their needs, wants, and problems and respond to them in an individualized manner. The “watering can” approach is outdated. 24/7 service and fast response times, on the other hand, are the rule today. With BSI, you will be able to master this challenge. Its trigger-based approach, journeys that transcend departments, and channel independence allow you to engage with millions of customers in a highly personalized manner and respond to their actions in real time.

There are no limits to your creativity

An example: hail alert; please open your blinds.

Don’t leave your customers out in the rain. Instead, inform them in advance about impending bad weather. With georeferencing and links to weather APIs, you can alert your customers when hail is in the forecast for their area and suggest that they put the car in the garage and open the blinds. On this occasion, you can also draw their attention to the supplementary insurance policies that cover weather-related events in the short term. We bet your customers will go for it.

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“Thanks to the templates and steps, I was able to click together my story with BSI CX in just 30 minutes.” Fabian

So, what is a customer journey?

A customer journey spans the entire experience, from the first contact with a company and needs assessment to the purchase and use of a product or service and the phase beyond that. It includes a series of touchpoints and has a clearly defined beginning and end.

Customer journey management begins with the identification of all relevant touchpoints. You will not be able to design and implement customer journeys successfully until you know where your customers interact with you, what this interaction looks like, and what experience your customers have in the process. Most of the time, journeys begin long before a product or service is purchased and can vary in length and complexity. Successful customer journey management leads to a positive customer experience, which is the definition of the overall impression customers have gained based on all essential experiences they have had with a company.

Five compelling reasons that speak for customer journey management with BSI

  • Personalization and relevance: Deliver the right content at the right time on the right channel
  • High usability: Keep track of the networked processes of the customer journey and interact with your customers based on their needs
  • Trigger-based approach: Tailor customer journeys to the events in your customers’ lives
  • Efficiency and speed: Design a BSI campaign using drag and drop and take it live in 15 minutes
  • In real time: Optimize customer journeys in real time and flexibly adapt them to the customers’ behaviors

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BSI’s guided processes enable more efficient handling of customer issues. This saves you time and money in the long term, and makes your customers happy.


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