Client Lifecycle Management At your customers’ side along their journey

Accompany your customers throughout the entire client lifecycle with BSI; from the first contact through onboarding and the various mutations during the lifecycle, and on through to balancing. With guided omnichannel processes, the 360° customer view and personalized campaigns, you offer your customers the best possible service – wherever they are within the lifecycle.


Guided Processes Relieving customer advisors

BSI’s customer advisor workstation offers countless advantages: the routines your customer advisors use are made easier. They are cleverly piloted through the work steps with the guided processes in BSI, thus reducing administration effort. Rather than in the core system, changes to the customer data record are made directly through the CRM – completely user-friendly and centrally from one location.

Life Events Holistic customer service

A lot can happen over of the course of a client lifecycle: after the contract is signed and the customer profile is created, the customer may expresses an interest in additional products. Or perhaps she reports a change of address as she prepares to move to her own home. Or she registers a change in her civil status because she has married. You are always at your customers’ side with BSI.

Cross-selling & Upselling Profit from sales opportunities

Recognize customers’ potential during their lifecycle – and profit from it. Closely accompanying the customer in interaction with the 360° customer view of a CRM system, enables you to react to a significant life event for the customer. BSI shows you the next best actions and next best products. This enables you to send customized offers to the customer.

Automation Trigger-based campaigns

BSI offers you the opportunity to set up automated, personalized campaigns that are triggered by the customers’ behavior. Churn prevention is a good example: if the system detects a high likelihood of defection for a customer, then the recovery journey is automatically launched. The watering can principle is a thing of the past!

Third-party Systems and & APIs Interfaces to relevant CLM services

BSI makes uncomplicated interactions possible with specialized (third-party) services for client lifecycle management: customer identification, PEP check, core systems, sanctions lists, credit check, blacklists. Interfaces and standard connectors give you maximum flexibility, enabling you to manage the entire customer lifecycle with BSI.

Create customer experiences that resonate

No client journey is like another. Yet, one thing applies to them all: make it as easy for the customer as possible. Customers are channel hoppers and in the course of their journey jump from touchpoint to touchpoint with no consideration of department boundaries or channel silos. They expect fast, customized solutions, a pleasant overall experience with no disruptions. Precisely this is what is possible with the client lifecycle management from BSI.

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What client lifecycle management can do – an example

A seemingly simple process such as a change of address can become a major opportunity. One of your customers has a new address. There can be many reasons for this: a separation or even a divorce and therefore a liquidation of the entire household? And perhaps the long-desired own home to make room for the kids? Starting a new job? Marriage? Each of these life events represents a sales opportunity for you. Take advantage of them! With BSI you can easily set up trigger-based campaigns for each of these scenarios, which the customer then triggers through his behavior.

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BSI knows your business

Whether sales, marketing, service or customer insights: you can put our two million code lines and promising solutions together with equal ease – through uncompromising technology, a highly flexible data model and a captivating user experience.


Set up trigger-based, highly personalized customer journeys within 15 minutes with BSI. They help you provide an unforgettable experience and maximize your business success.


BSI offers a central, virtual advisor workstation with access to all relevant customer information. This improves the chances of a successful business conclusion.


BSI’s guided processes enable more efficient handling of customer issues. This saves you time and money in the long term, and makes your customers happy.


BSI provides you with powerful analytics, clearly arranged reporting dashboards and the possibility of data-based challenges to your decisions. BSI is your direct access to business intelligence.

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