Churn detection Recognize at-risk customers before it’s too late

You often realize that a customer has left you forever only after it has already happened. The signs, however, can be recognized early on with the right data and the right trigger.


The crucial data Customer loyalty provides insights

As a company, you collect all sorts of data about your customer. Besides age and gender, in BSI you can monitor how often the customer reacts to an offer or how much they spend each time they shop. Relevant for churn detection is the data that provides your company with information about customer loyalty. If it is on the decrease, then BSI lets you know that you need to take action.

All in one Interdepartmental teamwork

One tool for data analysis, another for the service center, and yet another for the newsletter? You have it all in one application with BSI. This facilitates interdepartmental teamwork, especially between data science and marketing. When your teams work with the same software, this not only benefits churn detection, but also saves you the costs of many different tools and their interfaces.

React early on Predict behavior with a 360° view

The more data you connect together, the more accurate predictions can be made. BSI continuously collects and coordinates your customer data across all departments, providing you with a 360° view of your customers' behavior and warns you early on if loyalty is dropping.

Churn prevention Prevent churn

Once a case is identified, it must be handled quickly. BSI automatically initiates the churn prevention process according to predefined criteria. You can configure BSI so that if a complaint e-mail is received, an apology is sent along with a shopping voucher for the online shop, or the customer advisor is notified that this case must be handled personally.

Configurable software Churn detection à la carte

What sets BSI apart is its great configurability and flexibility. We use state-of-the-art algorithms to quickly configure the churn detection process that is right for your business without programming costs.

Efficient churn prevention with BSI

An example from the retail sector

If your customer submits a complaint form, then it is clear that there is a problem here. However, it becomes more difficult when a customer gradually grows less satisfied. But this too can be predicted with BSI: such as when your formerly loyal customer no longer answers e-mails and has not ordered anything for weeks, although they used to do so regularly, and their sentiment is assessed as negative. Even if your customer does not approach you with a complaint, there is an urgent need to act here.

The sooner your attention is drawn to anomalies in the order history and the changed sentiment as a sign of impending churn, the greater is the chance that you can convince the customer to remain loyal. It is crucial that you do something about it on time and in a targeted manner, such as with a special offer and a personal phone call from the customer advisor. Because when they write you to cancel, it is already too late.

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