Character recognition Improved efficiency with character recognition

Make use of the opportunities Natural Language Processing (NLP) offers. Increase your efficiency with AI-powered character recognition and cut costs significantly. It’s possible with NLP.


Whitepaper Cost reduction with NLP

Free up the resources and capacity needed for responding to customer requests that are always the same. Avoid manually converting analog information to digital. All with NLP. First and foremost, this will lighten the customer service workload, reduce costs and delight your customers. Learn more in our white paper.


OCR and ICR explained

Intelligent Character Recognition

Plain text recognition (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) arranges text blocks after scanning them and splits them into individual characters that are then strung together. In contrast, ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) goes one step further. It compares the text with dictionaries and directories and independently corrects detected errors.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence AI: Character recognition on a whole new level

Intelligent character recognition becomes more efficient thanks to BSI AI: Artificial Intelligence corrects errors that you used to have to correct manually, lowering your costs substantially and reducing the resources used.

Application areas for intelligent character recognition Intelligent character recognition for every industry

Systemized incoming goods in the retail industry; interest-based grouping for your networking event; automated e-mail processing; target group selection for marketing campaigns – there is not a single area where a character recognition program could not provide support.

May we present BERT Automation at the highest level

Are you familiar with BERT? It’s an award-winning system from Google that, in 2019, beat a human in a recognized comparison process for the first time. We have already used BERT for a retailer’s customer service automation and achieved a success rate of 95%.

Flexibility: After a specific training period of 16 hours, BSI AI for character recognition achieves a recognition rate of more than 93%.

Delight your customers with intelligent character recognition

An example: “Tim’s customer journey” story

Tim is one of your loyal customers, and he likes to go paperless. He just bought a pair of shoes in your webshop.

On a Saturday evening at 11 p.m., Tim wants to know where the package with his order is located. To find out, he needs a link to track the shipment.

He plans to contact the chatbot on your shop website and hopes that the bot can process his request appropriately.

Tim is unsuspecting as to the intelligent BSI solutions that are in use. Combined with Artificial Intelligence, the character recognition program recognizes his request and triggers the needed automated process.

Thanks to the AI integration into the CRM, Tim receives the tracking link for his shipment via e-mail within mere seconds.

You saved time and money – plus, Tim got what he needed and is delighted.

Did you know that you can increase customer service productivity by up to 40% with Artificial Intelligence (Accenture, 2021)?

Character recognition: Happy customers, lower costs, freed-up capacity

With BSI AI, we open up automation and customer communication opportunities for you that have never been possible before. Lower your costs with streamlined processes and focus on what’s essential. Not only will your company have enormous internal benefits, but your customers, in particular, will thank you. Prompt and precise customer service will turn your customers into fans of your brand and company.

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