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Release 23/2

For any company, customers are an essential factor in determining its success or failure. In today's digital age, companies must meet their customers where they are, more than ever before. Doing so requires a digital solution that allows companies to actively design their customer processes and support their customers with intelligence and data, including from external systems. The new Release 23/2 of the BSI Customer Suite reflects these customer requirements. The CRM system is the quintessential industry-specific solution: integrated, tailored to your company’s DNA and always up to date, thanks to its cloud connectivity.


Discover the highlights

With the BSI Customer Suite, hyper-personalization, Artificial Intelligence, marketing automation and multi-experience become the tools of your day-to-day work with customers.

Discover the highlights:

Configuration, low-code and contributions: Customizations are easy to implement with configurations and are ready to release
Deeper integration of BSI Snapview and BSI inSign
Fuzzy logic expands BSI AI to include the mapping of linguistic variables
Enhanced process management through Flowdesigner in BSI CRM
Create your own steps for BSI CX
Enhanced adaptability of the data model in BSI CDP
New interactive charts for data visualization in BSI Insight
BSI Engage is the video consulting and electronic signature platform for banks, insurance companies, and commercial and utility companies: customized with your brand assets, optimized for your processes, and accessible to your customers.
BSI Engage Highlights 23/2
GDPR- and Swiss DPA-compliant order data processing
BAFIN- and FINMA-compliant (VAIT, BAIT)
MiFID II-compliant in recording all communication channels after explicit participant consent only
Electronic signatures according to elDAS and ZertES (FES/QES)
With the “Online appointment scheduling” option, website visitors can book available appointments with an advisor from their own devices
Seamless integration into the existing system landscape
Rapid modification of functions and design
Verifiability with biometric signature data, audit logs and qualified certificates
Integrated into the BSI Customer Suite by default; plus, can be used as a stand-alone product as well
Find, win over and get to know your customers. With its trigger-based approach, BSI CX allows you to respond to relevant (life) events in real time and create personalized customer journeys.
BSI CX Highlights 23/2
With the new “Participate” feature, your customers can very easily participate in centrally defined BSI CX stories
Data protection by design: targeted and rule-based data deletion
Easy-to-use content editor with intuitive drag-and-drop operation
Website: new options such as two-factor authentication
Step library: Create and use your own custom steps by way of configuring them, without any programming effort
Enhanced performance of complex customer journeys
More intuitive story archiving
"Mission Control" provides a simple overview of all stories – even over time
With BSI CRM, you have more time for true customer proximity thanks to automated routine tasks and a wide range of integrated aids that make your customer engagement activities easier.
BSI CRM Highlights 23/2
More customer proximity with the integration of BSI Snapview and Microsoft Teams into the BSI Customer Suite
Now with process validation for the automatic testing of the quality of your processes
Extensive options for setting up your BSI Customer Suite menus, entity dossiers and application texts by way of configuration to customize them to your customers’ needs
Enhanced user ergonomics resulting from object categorization and an updated calendar view
Expanded configuration options
Discover structures and contexts to make better decisions based on data. With BSI Insight, you get detailed analytics and effective visualizations.
BSI Insight Highlights 23/2
Countless new charts: timeline, number, scatter, note, polar and stack (interactive) charts
Partitioning: With this function, users only see the data they have permission for
Groupings, such as by target groups or age segments, can be used directly in charts
Add your own charts as contributions
Identify samples from selected chart elements
Get the maximum added value from your data. With BSI AI, you gain powerful machine-learning workflows for customer clustering and marketing automation.
BSI AI Highlights 23/2
Python Cortex opens up new application fields and facilitates the integration of the latest AI developments with ease
ChatGPT cortex enables API calls to the OpenAI language model
The monitoring view provides all relevant information about the configured ML engines at a glance
Fuzzy logic maps linguistic variables not attainable with purely numerical values
Anonymization cortex allows you to anonymize and/or pseudonymize free-form text
Model Zoo facilitates very large models
Default brains ready to be used in customer projects without any modifications
With BSI CDP, gain a holistic view of your customers, dismantle data silos and ensure your data’s quality and GDPR-compliant protection.
BSI CDP Highlights 23/2
Enhanced data model modifiability facilitates the purely configurational customization of the BSI Customer Suite to your essential data
Addition of AI-generated attributes to the data model
The modularization with lambdas permits the flexible use and integration of features within and outside of the BSI Customer Suite
Configuration of new composite attributes/relationships for complex data structures, such as the management of third-party products
Relative picks can be used as search conditions
With BSI EIP, you have multiple interfaces and default connectors to access your entire ecosystem and to configure, monitor and evaluate your data traffic.
BSI EIP Highlights 23/2
Ready-to-use processors facilitate the use of low code or TypeScript
New, extensive options to view and create logged information
Debugging support helps identify errors more quickly and test interfaces more efficiently
Import and export interfaces, even script-based interfaces
New TypeScript processor: TypeScript‘s typing approach facilitates code completion, enhanced dependency management and testing

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Zeno Hug, Creator of Customer Delight

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Additional information*

  • BAFIN: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority [Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht]
  • VAIT: Insurance regulation-related IT requirements [Versicherungsaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT]
  • BAIT: Bank regulation-related IT requirements [Bankaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT]
  • MiFID II: Markets in Financial Instruments Directive [Richtlinie 2014/65/EU des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 15. Mai 2014 über Märkte für Finanzinstrumente sowie zur Änderung der Richtlinien 2002/92/EG und 2011/61/EU]
  • elDAS: Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services
  • AES/QES: Advanced electronic signature/Qualified electronic signature

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