A new connectedness

Release 2022

Release 2022 of the BSI Customer Suite represents a new form of connectedness. Never have processes been more seamlessly linked. Never has data availability been more seamless. It has never been easier to connect BSI to other systems. It has never been more straightforward to strengthen your customer relationships with BSI.


Discover the highlights

With the BSI Customer Suite, hyper-personalization, Artificial Intelligence, marketing automation and multi-experience become the tools of your day-to-day work with customers.

Discover the highlights:

New products: BSI Insight, BSI EIP and BSI Snapview;
A completely revised interface consistent across all products and focusing on usability and user guidance;
BSI Service Manager coordinates all instances in the BSI Cloud and the private cloud;
A configurable data model tailored to your industry;
Seamless collaboration with Microsoft 365;
Native desktop notifications via browser, phone, chat and more;
New comprehensive HTML editor for landing pages and websites.
Win over customers in person at your online branch, create offers and conclude contracts – and do all this with BSI Snapview, the seamlessly integrated and legally compliant video conferencing solution for marketing and sales.
Now available with Release 2022
Virtual selling using a browser – no need to download any programs;
Design a customized online branch;
GDPR-compliant order data processing;
BAFIN-compliant (VAIT, BAIT).
Find, win over and get to know your customers. Thanks to its trigger-based approach, BSI CX lets you respond to relevant (life) events in real time and set up personalized customer journeys.
BSI CX 2022 highlights
Data management for centralized and decentralized sales organizations;
Build entire websites by drag-and-drop, including user administration, login area and preference center;
Partners and agencies can create simplified designs;
Smart steps for “collision management1,” Apple Wallet coupons, Google Analytics linking, Netigate integration and cookie management;
Integration of Google Analytics with Google Analytics steps;
The “Continue the participant” option facilitates non-linear stories;
Not only can customers move through a story, but other BSI Customer Suite data units can also do so. For example, overdue tasks or escalated business cases can move through stories as participants;
“Brains training”: Improved integration of machine learning models from BSI AI;
Evaluation of story data in BSI Insight;
Better performance and stability through clustering.
With bsi.crm, you have more time for true customer proximity thanks to automated routine tasks and countless integrated aids that make your work in customer communication easier.
BSI CRM 2022 highlights
Appealing new “Sales” view with communication planning for sales managers;
Seamless collaboration with Microsoft 365;
Practical features for sales management;
Video conferencing that includes the legally compliant conclusion of contracts;
Enhanced presentation of complex customer relationships;
Link communication steps to orders in the service area;
Use additional storage solutions (such as Google or Azure) for large data volumes;
Easily add additional communication channels such as Slack or Snapchat.
Discover structures and contexts to make better decisions based on data. BSI Insight provides detailed analytics and effective visualizations.
BSI Insight – Now available with Release 2022
Analytical access to all BSI Customer Suite data – integrated and easy;
Next-level data analytics and dashboards – from optimizing business processes to better operational control of service and sales teams;
Differentiated target group selections, including audience definition, and control and challenger groups for customer journeys and campaigns;
Extensive chart options that support easy and engaging visualization;
Ease of use and collaboration thanks to the sharing of insights with read-only or write-only permissions, administration in folder structures;
Fast, interactive, fluid and optimized for large data volumes;
Customize your data interactively with the click of a mouse (such as notes, top-10 lists and groupings).
Get the maximum added value from your data. With BSI AI, you gain powerful machine learning workflows for customer clustering and marketing automation.
BSI AI 2022 highlights
A blend of human and machine intelligence: With symbolic AI, you can map relationships that are obvious to humans – this becomes particularly interesting when these systems are blended with deep learning;
Monitored learning: Monitor learning in BSI AI step by step, which provides even more transparency and traceability;
Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX): Use ONNX to import complex models. Data science teams can use it to integrate their existing models into the BSI Customer Suite easily;
Reinforcement learning: What was previously reserved for specialized applications such as recommendation engines in online shops is now available as a no-code solution for every application.
With BSI CDP, gain a holistic view of your customers, dismantle data silos and ensure your data’s quality and GDPR-compliant protection.
BSI CDP 2022 highlights
A uniform data model: All components of the BSI Customer Suite use the same data model based on BSI CDP;
As a result, all products benefit from a broader base of customer data, which increases the intelligence of data analytics and personalized campaigns;
Easier data exploration thanks to a redesigned data picker and new functions: more ergonomic and more intuitive – available in all BSI Customer Suite products.
With BSI EIP, you have multiple interfaces and standard connectors to access your entire ecosystem and configure, monitor and evaluate your data traffic.
BSI EIP – Now available
A link to platforms, ecosystems and other providers: Connectivity to systems outside the BSI Customer Suite is guaranteed;
Extensive: Access all BSI Customer Suite features through configurable interfaces;
Connecting and configuring new interfaces is remarkably simple and fast;
It is deeply integrated into all BSI Customer Suite products.

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