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BSI Pool customer portal

We make good software. And we love our customers. That's why, when it comes to the introduction and use of our software, we don't throw you in the deep end of the pool. Rather, our customers should move in a pleasantly warm environment – while the software is adapted to meet their needs, during its launch in their company and especially during daily use.

Knowledge & dialogue

BSI Pool contributes to this good feeling. The name says it all. BSI Pool is a knowledge and dialogue pool that assists customers while working with our software BSI CRM. If our customers have questions about certain functions, want to receive first-hand information about new features or would like to share their experiences with other users, then the answers can be found here, just a mouse click away. BSI Pool is like a set of operating instructions that are constantly in flux, the contents of which are actively co-designed by our customers.

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Briefly explained

In our short video series we show you the difference between process, entry communication and cases in BSI CRM. Learn about the advantages of these three concepts by watching this video (in German).

For our customers we provide further manuals and videos in German in BSI Pool.