BSI CRM and BSI Studio at HDI

Staying the course – BSI CRM at HDI Vertriebs AG (Talanx Group)

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Insurance

It has been some time that BSI won over HDI, one of Europe’s largest insurance groups, as a CRM customer. The order included the design of a new agency CRM system for HDI Vertriebs AG’s exclusive sales. The goal was to increase efficiency and effectiveness and turn customer service into customer experiences. That was not all, however. In addition to exclusive sales, direct sales and the broker business are now to use the user-friendly applications in BSI CRM as well. The goal is to be able to meet the specific needs of these business areas not only now but in the future as well – to generate continuous growth together with our customers and gain a competitive advantage through frequent innovation efforts. Also, the solution will be supporting HDI’s omni-channel capabilities.

Within the framework of digital transformation, HDI responded to its customers’ changing expectations by setting the project it calls “AgenturPLUS” in motion. In addition to the administrative processes an agency has to conduct, the implementation of the CRM system has resulted in the optimization of the lead process, the management of prospects, and the sales process support.

It is based on a 360-degree customer view, which allows employees to provide comprehensive advice to customers as well as individualized support. HDI will be expanding the access to these views to give its sales partners in the broker business an effective tool as well, thus staying the course of increasing efficiency and effectiveness in all areas.

With this focus on the customer, HDI was also the first insurance customer to conduct a successful test of the first customer journey with the help of the digitization platform “BSI Studio” that was launched in November 2018. The optimization of the sales areas with BSI CRM, which already contains 500 million data records today, in conjunction with BSI Studio offers a glimpse of the ultimate objective: the holistic digitization of customer relationships. By actively reaching out to customers, the goal is not only to provide exceptionally good customer service through BSI CRM but also to attain seamless customer experiences, particularly in direct sales. This is what BSI Studio is all about.

BSI Studio is a marketing platform and contains a customer journey builder, content management system, business process engine, and data management platform, thus replacing several previously insular systems. With BSI Studio, HDI will be able to plan activities and delight customers in real time based on customer behavior using a single system.

Why HDI opted for BSI

HDI was not only impressed with BSI Insurance, the highly advanced industry standard, and BSI’s technical understanding and experience developing agency systems, but also with the collaborative partnership with the BSI team and the future security of the system. Besides, BSI’s ardent enthusiasm for driving product development leading to a continuous stream of new options has also won the Company over.

HDI automates customer journeys with BSI Studio

Product: BSI Studio | Industry: Insurance

HDI, a pioneer in digital transformation, counts on BSI Studio for the creative design and efficient implementation of customer journeys. The goal is to reach out to the right customers, prospective customers, and sales partners with the right messages in the right marketing channels at the right time. To put it briefly: The goal is to delight customers in real time.

The deployment of the new BSI Insurance-based agency system provides HDI with the framework it needs to digitize its customer relationships. Around 500 million data records are being fed into the central CRM solution. HDI expects this digitization initiative to generate structural benefits, better customer experiences, and improved user experience.

Running automated campaigns with BSI Studio

The centralized CRM solution with its integrated offer processes serves as the basis for decentralized campaigns and coordinated customer contacts across all channels. To this end, HDI will link the digitization platform, BSI Studio, to its CRM solution, which will then allow it to offer its customers suitable services exactly when they need them. BSI Studio identifies customers and uses relevant behavior information to offer them pertinent personalized content at the right time and in the right channel.


  • Data, touchpoints, and customer journeys combined in a single solution
  • Optimization of customer experiences in real time
  • Beneficial interactions with customers at just the right time 

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