BSI CRM for Baloise Insurance

CRM solution with 360° customer view and support of essential core processes

Product: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Insurance companies

Baloise Insurance and Baloise Bank SoBa act together as a focused financial services provider, a combination of insurance and banking. They lead the market in Switzerland for integrated solutions including insurance, retirement and asset building for private customers as well as small and midsized enterprises.

BSI developed the complaint management solution for Baloise Switzerland on the basis of BSI CRM. Complaints received by phone, letter, e-mail or fax are registered in the document system for processing by the complaint management team in BSI CRM, set up as customer complaints and prepared for processing by the team members in a clearly laid out format.

Baloise Insurance and BSI later expanded their collaboration. After a successful proof of concept, BSI was chosen as a strategic CRM partner by Baloise Insurance. COMET, as the project was named at Baloise, supports the systemized consultation and management approach and simplifies work for the sales force. With the central CRM solution, employees can view all relevant information about the customer at a glance, manage leads and estimate the potential they offer, as well as easily prepare for customer meetings.

In a second phase the customer service center and other sales channels were integrated, with the following targets:

  • Reduction of the system diversity and the complexity it causes for users
  • Sales force support for the most essential sales processes
  • More time for customers through automation and simplification of routine activities
  • A comprehensive, integrated and simple tool
  • A uniform data basis and extensive, automated, timely reporting
  • Provision of further extension options (e.g. customer service, broker support, claims processing) once the implementation in the sales force is completed


  • 360° customer view with all essential customer information
  • Integration of all important insurance applications
  • Sales planning and sales reporting
  • Sales funnel as an operative planning and control element
  • Lead management
  • Contact management
  • Campaign management
  • Integrated complaint management
  • Telephony integration (CTI)

“It's a pleasure to work with people who seek solutions.”

Christian Sterr, COMET Project Manager, Baloise Insurance

BSI CRM at Baloise Life (Liechtenstein)

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Insurance

Baloise Life (Liechtenstein) AG puts its trust in BSI CRM for partner care. Through consistent use of standard components, individual configuration options and experience with BSI CRM within the Baloise Group, the CRM introduction was almost exclusively achieved with internal resources – and in record time.

Baloise Life (Liechtenstein) AG offers modern and secure life insurance policies that are distinguished by flexible benefits. Financial planning and wealth management are also among the core competencies of this Baloise Group subsidiary.

Baloise Life (Liechtenstein) decided to introduce BSI CRM on the recommendation of Baloise Insurance Switzerland in order to offer partners a holistic support experience. The aim is to offer staff a 360° view of business partners (asset managers, banks and deposit banks) with an eye towards boosting efficiency in the lead and sales process and to improve service quality. 

“We were convinced by the coverage of the requirements, the largely independent operation by Baloise and the low costs for licenses, installation, configuration and operation.”

Alain WittwerProject Manager for Baloise Life (Liechtenstein)

Implementation in record time

The duration from the initial workshop to productive activation was around four months, with only around 18 days of work by the IT department.

In a one-day workshop, Baloise and BSI identified the objectives and scope of the CRM project. This resulted in the definition of two development phases: Implemented in phase 1 were all requirements were able to be realized in the standard software purely through configuration. The partner data was also migrated. Integration of the CTI, document management and the risk system are carried out in a second phase.


  • Transparent depiction of business relationships for sales and the back office
  • Comprehensive partner management from prospect to partner
  • Central partner view and uniform contact management
  • Mobile availability

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