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The insurer is reacting to constantly changing consumer habits and the associated customer service requirements by introducing the BSI Customer Suite from the software company BSI. The central digital platform creates the basis for standardization, strengthening of cooperation and highly integrative processes, thus providing the basis for efficient and personalized customer service.


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About the customer

As one of the largest insurance groups in Germany, Signal Iduna offers a wide range of individual and target group-oriented insurance policies for private and corporate customers.

The successful implementation of the project and the rapid success were only possible thanks to the excellent cooperation and communication with BSI.
Timm Krieger, project lead for the transformation at Signal Iduna

About the project

Signal Iduna customers make their inquiries via various channels and expect a personal and timely response. In order to process these customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently, Signal Iduna decided on a technical solution with the CRM system from BSI. With the help of this system, the entire service infrastructure was improved and a future-proof platform for solving all customer issues was created.

A cross-divisional 360° customer view with the BSI Customer Suite

With the BSI Customer Suite, which is used both in sales and in the various service units in the office, existing processes can be easily linked and customer data can be made available to everyone involved. This enables a cross-divisional 360° customer view for all users. Thanks to the seamless integration of all communication channels, customers can communicate using the channel of their choice without any information being lost. In the future, the software will be used in all customer-related organizational units, which means that everyone involved will have the same information at their disposal. This will enable Signal Iduna to provide needs-based and efficient customer support across all service and sales units, as well as increased data transparency for all employees.


Timm Krieger, project lead for the transformation at Signal Iduna

All the systems, interfaces and the large number of teams involved led to a high level of complexity, which was successfully managed by and with BSI. Customer issues can now be processed more efficiently. Our employees and customers both benefit.

More productivity through Customer Loyalty Teams

While there used to be teams for different business types that were responsible for different customer inquiries, contact with customers will now be thematically assigned to so-called Customer Loyalty Teams (CLTs). This enables uniform support for all service points (contract, damage, service and sales). For example, one team takes care of all contract conclusions, another takes care of certificates and evidence, regardless of the insurance type concerned. The assignment of various inquiries that come in by e-mail, telephone or are forwarded internally from another department is largely automated with the help of a machine and skill-based routing of individual inquiries by third-party software. Orders are assigned intelligently and dynamically to the employees who can process the case as conclusively as possible. Processing takes place via a division-neutral dashboard in the BSI Customer Suite. This offers a 360° customer view and information on the inquiry, as well as the option of processing it in the backend systems.


  • Cross-divisional 360° customer view for all users
  • seamless integration of all channels allows customers to choose the means of communication
  • assignment of concerns using automated machine and skill-based routing
  • Increased data transparency for employees
  • Uniform support of all service points

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