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HDI, a digitization pioneer, counts on BSI’s CRM solution in exclusive and direct sales, its broker section, and customer journey management.

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About HDI

HDI is a subsidiary of Talanx AG, one of Europe’s largest insurance groups with a premium income of EUR 39.5 billion (2019). It provides insurance solutions for consumers and corporate and industrial customers.

We want to accompany our customers and support them as well as possible in their day-to-day lives. That is our focus, and BSI helps us accomplish it.
Juliane Czepak, Senior CRM and CX Manager at HDI

About the project

HDI Vertriebs AG commissioned BSI to design a new agency CRM system for its exclusive sales, direct sales, and brokerage sections. The goal was to improve efficiency, support omnichannel capability, and secure HDI’s competitive advantage with innovative solutions.

  • CRM with 360° customer view

The project, called AgenturPLUS, was HDI’s response to changing customer expectations as part of its digitization efforts. In addition to enhancements to agency administration processes, implementing the CRM also improved the lead process, sales process support, and opportunity management. HDI’s sales partners in the brokerage section also benefit from BSI as a useful tool.

  • Customer journey management

HDI uses BSI for customer journey management as well. The goal is to engage the right customers, prospective customers, and sales partners with the right topic at the right time and on the right channel. In short, the goal is to delight customers in real time. With BSI, HDI can design and run personalized and automated customer journeys from a single system, and it can support its customers based on their actions and needs.

BSI for Insurance

While BSI helps make the internal processes of your highly complex sales structures more efficient, it also enhances customer experience.

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Silvia Bauer, Senior CRM Manager, HDI

What makes BSI different is its customer proximity. BSI does not provide you with a standard. In-stead, you can actively participate in the development of the roadmap.

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