Gothaer Versicherung Gothaer benefits from the potential of multi-channel sales with BSI CRM and BRM

After a multi-phase evaluation process, Gothaer selected BSI as its CRM partner to implement a multi-channel strategy and further optimize its personalized sales consultations. BSI Insurance, the CRM industry solution for insurance companies, impressed Gothaer’s independent field sales and company employees with its high degree of user-friendliness, easy configurability, useful online capability, and integrated business cases and contact channels.


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About the customer

Gothaer Group is one of the largest German insurance companies, with over EUR 4.5 billion in premium income and some 4.1 million insured members. With BSI CRM, the company that offers all types of insurance coverage focuses on providing high-quality, personalized consultations to its customers and customized support to all its sales partners.

We barely have any media breaks, and we can create offers and applications directly in the CRM solution and send them out right from there. And, most importantly, the system gives us an integrated view of our customers.
Thomas Berg, Head of Sales Management, Gothaer

About the project

Initially, Gothaer rolled out BSI Insurance in several phases for independent field sales. Then, the company implemented centralized lead and campaign management and the service center application. This resulted in the implementation of a multi-channel strategy and, therefore, a 360° customer view, which is available online and displays the entire customer history across all touchpoints.

Optimized partner sales with BSI BRM

Besides using BSI CRM in the field and its service center, Gothaer launched BSI BRM for its sales partner support in July 2019. The new solution meets Gothaer’s technical as well as functional and visual expectations.

Approximately 250 sales partner employees and 700 employees in specialist departments now use either all of the BSI BRM functionality or those functions that are relevant to them. The company’s entire data flow was automated with the retirement of its legacy system. Gothaer added new functions such as “News,” a personalized workspace, the linking of dossiers and documents, and a simplified selection and search function.

I only have good things to say about the excellent collaboration we have had with BSI – both in technical and project collaboration terms.
Sebastian Kohlhaas, Project Manager at Gothaer


  • BSI CRM mobility (web client, mobile phone and tablet);
  • Complete integration of all backend systems into BSI CRM for a 360° customer view;
  • Integrated business cases for pricing through the integration of the existing systems;
  • Multi-channel solution with ongoing expansions (such as e-mail, phone, Internet and self-service);
  • Extensive interfaces to partner and existing systems;
  • Managed processes;
  • Lead and campaign management;
  • Search and display of partner data and structures (relationships/groups);
  • Supplemental communication and market data;
  • Display of production and segmentation data:
  • Support assignments and contact persons;
  • Recording of contacts (with communication history), actions and campaigns.

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