Dear customer, our dialogue and knowledge pool is waiting for you.

"Our specification was difficult and the schedule was tight. BSI's initial partial solution was placed smoothly into operation."

Claus-Peter Achatz, Versicherungskammer Bayern

Everything from a single source – for a long-term partnership

BSI is at your side through each phase of successful software development: concept, engineering, specification, production, interfaces, integration, roll-out, support, maintenance, updates and upgrades. Yet it is not just the quantity, but the quality of our services that offer the best prospects for a long-term relationship.

Full-service at a fixed price

With BSI you can count on the calculated costs in our offer. We even implement complete software projects at fixed prices and with minimal training requirements. This is unusual in our industry, but there are good reasons why it is so: among them is our proven project procedure, which we have put to the test and refined in the course of hundreds of projects.

Purchase or rent

You can purchase our software or rent it as a service – choose the license model that best suits you. You can operate it yourself, with us or at a third party. Because we develop pure Java solutions, the technical requirements are minimal and existing server mechanisms can generally be reused.

Industry experience from A to Z

Our customers customers are the proof that we quickly grasp their processes and then clearly structure and depict them in the software. Our wide-ranging industry experience is a real asset for you here. 

Strong third-part products

BSI software can do a lot, but not everything. That’s why we integrate our software entirely in your system landscape. In cases where other manufacturers may have better or more specialized solutions – or if our customer already uses a well-established application – we facilitate authentic manufacturer independence with modular functions, clear interfaces and open dialogue.

Efficient training

BSI works with the “train the trainer” concept, in which we train internal multipliers who, in turn, train their departments and teams. This saves plenty of time and money. And it ensures that the training does not just revolve around the tools, but also the underlying processes. The first training seminar lasts two to three hours and can be conducted in-house. This is followed up with short debriefings and question-and-answer sessions after four and eight weeks. And we also stand by you after the introduction: topic-specific courses enable your users to gain more from our software.

Competent customer service

Regardless of whether the software runs in your data center or ours, we support your IT team and offer competent and fast support– with triple strength. With a central customer service team to handle standard questions. With specific questions handled by the project team in charge. And more in-depth questions are handled by our product developers.

Into the future with each release

We have no release compulsion. You only carry out a release upgrade when it makes sense for you and when you choose to. We also maintain our old releases. And we are also pleased to support you with release planning so that you profit from the innovations in our latest releases.

Simple further development

BSI has a clear product strategy. It is published annually, discussed with our customers at user group meetings and is enriched with requests arising from practice. Would you prefer to extend our software yourself? That’s possible too. It is precisely for this reason that we developed the Eclipse Scout open source framework, which you can use to develop and integrate your own plug-ins. Upon request, we also train your own software developers on Eclipse Scout. All this is designed to ensure your 100% independence.