Big cinema in the marketing direction: BSI Studio.

Big cinema in the marketing direction: BSI Studio.

Creatively plan customer journeys, execute them efficiently and react to customer behavior in real time: The digital platform enables more than marketing automation.

BSI Studio: Your digitalization platform for all aspects of customer proximity

Design cinematic customer journeys step by step with BSI Studio – even across departmental borders and companies. Using data from analytics, an app or e-shop, BSI Studio identifies appropriate target groups and touchpoints for your campaign and optimizes the parameters in real time. We combine the advantages of CRM and market automation to make your marketing a blockbuster!


We also support smart sales personnel with the new digitalization platform. BSI Studio generates scores, ratings and targets, and forecasts closing rates. This enables your sales team to focus fully on the sales pitch. BSI Studio is the heart of your company, your customer journey machine, which orchestrates your business with customers in the background. See for yourself.

Design stories step by step

BSI Studio comes with 100 intelligent steps which can be combined by you to create your very own stories. The smarter the steps are combined, the more thrilling the story.

Four clever step categories

Logic steps branch and filter data, push steps interact with customers, data and participant steps link up with the CRM: they monitor profile changes on LinkedIn or set scores, such as the churn probability. 

Profit from well thought-out stories

So that you need not begin with a blank sheet, with BSI Studio we supply you with a variety of templates: Pull stories such as inquiries, product launch, follow-ups and push stories such as retargeting or reactivation of inactive customers. Simply choose and adapt them.

Stage strong contents

BSI Studio manages the content of your stories at every touchpoint. For all media, from dynamic newsletter snippets to classic contact channels such as letter, email and on to the website; with an opt-in process. The content designer supplies prebuilt templates, spam checking and device preview.

Practice, test, check and go!

You keep control over your customer journeys with these two switches. In sandbox mode you can practice and test various variants for your stories – without impacting your customer data. You can go live with the story in the next step and check each step through manual execution. Satisfied? Then go live in real time!

Want to also build love stories?

I would be very pleased to show you our design suite. Simply contact me.

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