Globus introduces BSI CRM

Globus & Herren Globus, the innovative, upscale Swiss department store commits to BSI CRM in its contact center, sales area and its employee apps. The aim is to achieve holistic lifecycle management and the expansion of individual services on the basis of the holistic customer view.

Magazine zum Globus AG, with headquarters in Spreitenbach, was founded 110 years ago and continues to set benchmarks among department stores. With its 13 Globus and 23 Herren Globus locations and its online shop, Magazine zum Globus is dedicated to making shopping a special experience. To also live up to its mission statement – “new, inspiring, significant, competent and personal” – in the digital age, Magazine zum Globus has decided to focus on the issue of CRM in the future together with BSI Business Systems Integration AG. “Our goal is to strengthen the loyalty program and to promote lifecycle management in order to be able to offer our customers personalized services and relevant offers,” explained David Spray, Head of Marketing & Data Applications at Magazine zum Globus.

High-quality customer experience

The cross-channel approach integrates both the contact center and the branch locations. Staff in the stores, the lounges and the concierge service have a mobile end device with an integrated app at their disposal that serves as a digital sales and service assistant. Staff can easily access a range of services, view the watch lists from the e-commerce platforms and choose delivery options. The focus is on the customer and his or her individual 360° view. For customers, the identification process should be significantly simplified so that they quickly and easily profit from the loyalty program and services.

CRM from the contact center to the checkout counter

With its 13 Globus and 23 Herren Globus locations and its online shop, Magazine zum Globus is dedicated to making shopping a special experience.

The new system will be used in the future by the contact center staff as well as indirectly at the cash register and in the employee app, in which the services and the 360° customer view are integrated. “BSI CRM is part of a larger puzzle which is focused on innovative products, excellent service and unique experiences. That is a complicated process, in which BSI offers us a stable system for customer data management and a platform for improving the customer experience. The aim is to know more customers personally so as to offer them individual services and appropriate offers on the channels they prefer,” according to David Spray.

Optimized operating costs

Globus also seeks to optimize IT operation costs with the CRM introduction. “With BSI we can rely on a Swiss partner with Swiss infrastructure which takes on operation of the CRM and replaces several platforms. This will enable us to substantially optimize our costs; we receive greater functionality with improved service at similar cost,” explained David Spray.

Multistage rollout

To be rolled out in an initial phase will be the loyalty program, including the application process and the underlying communication. Following in a second phase will be the complete introduction of BSI CRM and replacement of the old system. Further phases and extension stages are planned for the coming year. “We are looking forward to the rollout and first use cases. BSI is a strong partner in the operative CRM field, one that need not shrink in the face of international competition. The implementation team was particularly convincing. The integration is taking place with people who know the product and who helped develop it,” according to David Spray.