Don’t be an “asshole!”

The latest issue of «meeting BSI», the business magazine for BSI friends, user advocates and customer whisperers, is dedicated to our value „We are nice to one another.“

Catherine B. Crowden

I long debated how to present one of our core company values to you, dear reader. It seemed a value too mundane and not worth dedicating an entire magazine to: “We are nice to one another.” This means in essence that we respect and trust one another, bring cake for birthdays, and don’t mob or speak badly to or about co-workers. To me, this value seemed to be a virtue that any person would affirm.

The opposite is true! War rages on the carpet floor. Contemporary management literature describing how to survive in toxic workplaces fills the shelves. So I stepped out of my happy BSI work bubble to investigate the economics of being nice. Read the editorial-post to find out how motivation and productivity are killed by bullies, and don’t forget the self-test from Uwe's Test Corner.

I like going to work, even on Mondays, and look forward to the time with my colleagues. Creativity and motivation energize the atmosphere. Yes, we argue and contradict – but we try hard to always stay fair and decent when doing so. And something our competitors already know: We are nice – but we aren’t harmless!

Enjoy the read!

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