“Experts from the industry confirm: with BSI CRM, we are the brand leader in the German-speaking insurance market.”
Oliver Hechler, BSI

BSI Insurance: Impress customers, manage sales partners

Good customer relationships and functioning sales partnerships are the most valuable capital of any insurance company. A good CRM system ensures both. BSI for Insurance is specially tailored to the needs of insurance companies. CRM processes are included, such as continuous lead management and broker support.

Not only are the internal procedures for highly complex sales structures made more efficient with BSI for Insurance, but the customer experience of your customers is also positively influenced. Thanks to the intelligent linking of your sales channels such as agencies and direct sales and the operative service areas, you can optimize the customer journey of your customers and ensure positive customer experiences at every touchpoint.

BSI Insurance highlights

  • Central customer interaction platform for all sales channels and internal service departments such as customer/sales partner service and marketing;
  • Consolidated 360 ° customer view that integrates all inventory, rate, commission and benefits systems;
  • Broker relationship management tool for insurance companies with broker sales;
  • Technical insurance entities depicted, such as insured object or elementary product;
  • Lead management, sales planning and management for setting and tracking growth targets;
  • Exploit sales opportunities with next best action and active management of third-party contracts;
  • Collect acquisition data in the agencies and only share the desired data with the head office;
  • Depict the insurance lifecycle (e.g. offer, application, contract, cancellation);
  • Structured partition processing and automated claims processing between the head office and agencies through processes specifically designed for insurance companies.

“We want to accompany our customers and support them the best we can in their daily routine. This is of prime importance to us. The software solutions from BSI help us achieve this.”

Juliane CzepakSenior CRM and CX Manager at HDI

Personalized and trigger-based journeys

If you would like to individually address thousands of customers, then intelligent automation is a must. Address every customer at the right time with the relevant, personalized content on the right channel – software from BSI makes it possible. Seamless customer lifecycle management, customer development measures, action-related and trigger-based customer journeys, efficient lead management? No problem with BSI.

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The future: Hybrid consulting

Hybrid customers have long since become a reality in the insurance industry. Taking out an insurance policy often begins online and ends with the insurance consultant. The answer to this: hybrid business models and a sophisticated omnichannel strategy. For us at BSI, hybrid consulting means: customer-oriented and personalized consultation services – regardless of whether they are provided digitally or physically.

AI for insurance companies: How to benefit?

With BSI you can orient your relationship management on events in the lives of your customers. At BSI, we ensure highly personalized and automated customer communication and optimized, automated processes with a clever combination of CRM, marketing automation and AI. Here is how you can profit from AI:

  • Upselling and cross-selling: Customers' insurance situation is reviewed through analysis of customer data and interaction histories to determine the next best action.
  • Reducing the churn rate: If a customer has already complained to an insurance company multiple times, this can mean they are an at-risk customer. The AI sends an alarm signal that the customer advisor can react to.
  • Digitization of claims management: AI makes it possible to more quickly identify insurance fraud and to estimate the severity of claims and repair costs.
  • Underwriting and risk assessment: Previously a relatively complex process, depending on the insurance case, risks can now be assessed more rapidly and solidly on the basis of historic transaction data than with manual processing.

More about BSI Brains

“BSI offers us precisely what we need for proactive support for our sales partners: a central 360 ° view, seamless processes and continuous communication history.“

Markus KalbasSales Manager at ProTect.

CRM processes for insurance companies

Simplify processes, boost automation and ensure high quality – these are just three of the many reasons for using black box processing and workflow support. A customer query, a change of address, a claims report – all company procedures that are started through structured processes and routed to the teams responsible for handling.

CRM for broker sales

Looking for an efficient broker support system with sales management? As an insurance company with broker sales, you gain a competitive advantage with Broker Relationship Management from BSI, because satisfied, well-advised brokers make better ambassadors.

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Sales recruitment management (SRM) with BSI

We know how difficult it is for an insurance agency to recruit the right employees. BSI’s Sales Recruitment Management assists you from activity monitoring to effectiveness checking and agency support. Optimize your field sales and receive assistance with the organization and planning of your operation.

Insurance as a service

We believe in the power of ecosystems. That is why we are strategically working with msg nexinsure on the architecture of the SDA SE Open Industry Solutions, which, in the sense of a platform, networks economy insurers with various providers and services for a target group-oriented customer approach. The service dominated architecture works as a digital modular system that insurance companies can use to build their own service platforms. Furthermore, we have also established a product supplement partnership with msg.

BIPRO, GDV standard? Without a doubt!

Did you know? BSI is a member of BiPro. We support the initiative for the improvement of digital communication between insurance companies and brokers. Towards this end we have extended our data model and offer a standard interface. For a simple, automated data exchange between insurance companies, brokers and service providers.

Three powerful reasons for BSI

  1. BSI has the insurance industry in its genes with BSI for Insurance and BSI BRM.
  2. BSI has a strong insurance community and its finger on the pulse of industry trends.
  3. BSI has a coverage rate of around 11 %, measured by the gross premiums written among German insurance companies.

“With machine learning, insurance companies have the opportunity to win their customers over with personalized offers and gain a significant lead on the market.”

Oliver HechlerInsurance Community Manager at BSI