“Our references prove it: you have found the right site when it comes to CRM for insurance companies.”
Oliver Hechler, BSI

BSI Insurance: the CRM software for insurance companies and health insurance companies

Good customer relations and functioning sales partnerships are the most valuable capital any insurance company has. The choice of CRM software should therefore not be based on false hopes and experiments, but on hard facts and positive experience. That’s what BSI offers.

Clear CRM processes in insurance sales

Does your sales staff spend too much time researching and compiling customer information from different systems? It’s time for BSI Insurance. Insure your work against a lack of clarity with the 360° view of all data and customer communications.

Software-Enwickler bei BSI an der Arbeit am PC

Functions for insurance companies

In the “magic triangle” of customers, agents and field sales, insurance companies must keep a constant eye on their objectives and figures. BSI Insurance ensures clear processes in all aspects. The software is based on BSI CRM – the software suite for sales, marketing and customer service. We specifically enhanced it with additional functions for insurance companies and health insurance companies. And we are constantly expanding it in close coordination with our customers in the insurance community.

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With BSI Insurance, you optimally support sales – in the agency, field sales, with broker support and in telesales – as well as with comprehensive customer, contract and agent views, and lead management tailored for the industry. With data partitioning, employees only see the customers and customer data for which they are authorized.

  • Data partitioning: each agency only sees their client base
  • 360° view of all partner data, in detail and freely configurable
  • Cross-selling and upselling options
  • Networks and groups of people, e.g. clubs, joint heirs, households, families, contact partners & group structures
  • Separation of legal and natural persons
  • Segmentation of business partners, e.g. lead, customers, new organizations, representatives, brokers, sales & sales groups.
  • Historization of all data
  • Guided processes with the option of shadow processing
  • Data export to CSV and Excel
  • Groupware integration
  • Appointments, tasks
  • Systematic tracking of sales impulses (defined work list, resubmission, defined escalation times)


Centrally plan your marketing campaigns and have them reviewed by the sales points, select the target groups or execute. This enables you to optimally support your partners to create tailored marketing measures for end customers and agents according to the sales channel.

  • Centralized and decentralized marketing campaigns
  • Direct addressing of target groups through rating and segmenting of partners
  • Management of campaigns through an agency, broker rep or centrally
  • Marketing campaigns for all channels
  • Response and bounce handling
  • Personalized websites including link tracking
  • Automatic and manually conducted controls
  • Outbound telesales
  • Control and challenger groups
  • Letter shop integration
  • Social media integration (Twitter link)
  • Importing of purchased data records including duplicate checking
  • Smooth takeover of leads from marketing campaigns for handling through guided processes

Complaint management

Don’t complain about complaints. Because with BSI Insurance you can resolve them quickly and easily. And you can even make additional sales.

  • Bafin-compatible reporting
  • Registering of complaints
  • Prioritization and classification of complaints
  • 360° customer view with all relevant information
  • Complaint process with escalation management
  • Calling up of further processes, e.g. changing partners

Lead management

Comprehensive reports enable you to retain an overview, identify leads and discover efficiency gaps.

  • Evaluation of reaction and processing times
  • Lead creation, distribution and monitoring throughout the entire sales cycle
  • Rating identifiers according to potential
  • Each issue (e.g. contract extension, change of address) is handled the same way everywhere – in outbound, in the agency or in complaint management
  • Sales reports (sales management and sales controlling)
  • Creation of sales targets (down to the product and category level)
  • New business reports
  • Identification of cancellation nests
  • Sales funnel (lead tracking)
  • Comprehensive evaluation of service and complaint processes
  • Importing of leads from peripheral systems


You can administrate BSI Insurance in-house without programming skills and on the fly. That goes for all 360° views, fields, value lists as well as documents and processes for customer service and complaint management.

  • Specific for the insurance industry: applications, contracts, external contracts, claims and categories (including products).
  • Easy configuration without programming skills: e.g. fields, value lists, templates, reports, 360° views, texts, labels, menus & modules
  • External data interfaces to SAP, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Web services
  • Central administration of processes, e.g. for change of address or contract extensions
  • Simple process configuration on the fly, without programming skills
  • Central administration of documents, e.g. contracts, letter and e-mail templates

Questions about software for insurance companies?

I’ll be pleased to show you the advantages and functions of BSI Insurance personally.

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Direct sales

Standard software for all staff involved in customer contact? A conversation with Peter Goller, Overall Project Head for CRM Introduction at ERGO Direkt Versicherungen.



Why shouldn’t you complain about complaints? Because criticizing customers are better customers. Critical feedback can even lead to enhanced loyalty.

Complaint mangement


We invite our customers annually to a personal exchange of opinions and experience – for a best-practice event and for our traditional BSI CRM User Group Meeting. (in German)

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