SWICA looks after customers with BSI CRM

Focus on service and consulting quality.

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Insurance companies

With around 1.3 million members and 27,500 business customers, SWICA is one of the leading health and accident insurance companies in Switzerland. The healthcare organization is now reflecting the SWICA philosophy of comprehensive customer care in its customer relationship management. After an extensive proof of concept process, SWICA chose BSI as its CRM partner when it comes to looking after its private and business customers.

SWICA is replacing its fragmented system landscape with the flexible and configurable industry solution BSI CRM for insurance companies. In the future, all 1,600 employees in all locations will use the integrated CRM solution – from marketing to the contact center, sales and case workers. After the first project phase, which shall be completed by summer 2016, SWICA staff will use the CRM for all existing customers. Starting in phase two, which will be finalized in summer 2017, all leads and new customers will also be looked after with BSI CRM.

“We want to advise our customers comprehensively. This requires a seamless 360° customer view at all touchpoints.”

Leyla Akbeyik, SWICA 

Besides the comprehensive customer view, SWICA was convinced by the high degree of flexibility and configurability of BSI CRM for insurance companies. 

As a further plus point, the expert pointed out the universal process integration and the integration experience with Adcubum Syrius, the insurance core system.


  • Seamless 360° customer view at all touchpoints
  • Continuous process integration
  • Contact, task and complaint management, and more, in a single solution
  • High degree of flexibility and configurability in the latest BSI CRM Indigo release

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