"The name behind our customer software is no secret: BSI."
Sylvie Meyer, PostFinance

BSI CRM for PostFinance

CRM for business customers, private customers and the contact center

Product: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Financial institution

As the number 1 in Swiss payment traffic and one of the country’s leading financial institutions, PostFinance is also among the sector’s innovation drivers when it comes to customer focus.

A strongly increasing call volume, the desire for transparency and support for staff in customer interaction are among what motivated PostFinance to centralize its contact center in 2008 and to also introduce BSI CRM there.

In accordance with the multichannel strategy, all contact channels were integrated in BSI CRM. Guided processes and the 360° customer view, including customer history, form the basis for high first contact resolution (FCR). PostFinance was quickly able to demonstrate success with the process adjustments and to stabilize reachability at 90%. The FCR increased to 90% with the help of the 360° view in BSI CRM and the guided processes.

  • 2005: Implementation of a uniform CRM solution for business customer care
  • 2006: Upgrade to a CRM system tailored for private customer care
  • 2008: Integration and consolidation of the CRM solutions, which were formerly connected via context coordination. Staff has a uniform interface for accessing the data for private and business customers
  • 2011: Introduction of the 360° view in the consultation business
  • 2012: Integration and use of tablets in the customer dialogue
  • 2013: Support for the KAM sales process through practical depiction of the customer structures
  • 2014: Integration of new in- and outbound channels (SMS, Mobile)
  • 2015: Replacement of Publish Subscribe mechanisms through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) by Oracle GoldenGate (OGG)
  • 2016: Consultant workstation Houskeeping; outsourcing, inactivation and deletion of irrelevant data (regulatory, functional, technical)
  • 2017-2018: Adjustments through replacement of core banking system; migration to BSI CRM Indigo; tablet solution for consultants (briefcase)

“There are no miracles without working hard for them.”

Sylvie Meyer, PostFinance


  • Complete customer contact history
  • Visible and guided process procedures
  • Marked increase in customer care efficiency
  • Displaying of up- and cross-selling potential in the contact center
  • Capturing of additional information for marketing and sales
  • Extended and configurable evaluation options
  • User training at PostFinance (tool, process)
  • Complete service-oriented architecture (SOA) on the basis of J2EE (easy integration into the existing system landscape)
  • Adaptations and upgrades are possible through easy configuration and parameterization (short time-to-market)

«BSI CRM is the mainstay for the day to day work of more than 2,000 users at PostFinance»

Markus Fuhrer, CIO at PostFinance

Added value for PostFinance

  • Reduced preliminary and follow-up time for the customer service representatives
  • Independence and reduced maintenance costs through the use of open software technology
  • Greater customer retention and improved sales processes thanks to uniform and complete information
  • Reduction of training costs through the clear display of complex structures

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