Concordia Insurances introduces BSI CRM as its agency system

Concordia Insurances is replacing its in-house development and introducing BSI CRM

Products: BSI CRM | Industry: Insurance

For its exclusive sales channels, Concordia is replacing its existing agency system and introducing BSI CRM Indigo. With the support of BSI CRM, 1,200 employees will advise their customers holistically about their insurance solutions in the future. The aim of this cutting-edge agency system is to enable a 360° customer view and thereby facilitates comprehensive and individual customer care.

Gunnar Minkwitz

With the introduction of BSI CRM, Concordia seeks to further enhance quality in personal consulting. The central administration, up-to-date data, integration in office and social media functions and the simple 360° customer view will contribute to this in the future. BSI CRM also facilitates consistent selection options. The standard software functions needs little customization. Proven concepts, such as the data model and authorization logic, enable a rapid introduction.

“BSI Insurance already covers the majority of our requirements. It also enables the integration of existing Concordia applications and a 360° customer view for our agencies.”

Gunnar MinkwitzHead of the IT Department at Concordia Insurances


  • Sophisticated lead and campaign management
  • Embedding of existing systems and pricing calculation
  • Briefcase function for offline use
  • Configurative and extendable solution

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