CRM software that digitalizes customer relationships and inspires users: BSI CRM

CRM software that digitalizes customer relationships and inspires users: BSI CRM

CRM software that makes customers’ hearts beat faster

Would you like CRM software that seamlessly supports you in sales, marketing and service? Or an agile CRM tool that you can use quickly and effectively? With its strictly modular structure and open technology, BSI CRM is both. Whether B2C, B2B, B2B2C, department or group: BSI CRM adapts to your business, your processes and your IT environment, and not vice versa. This gives you a clear 360° view of customer data and customer behavior – at any time, in any department and at any touchpoint: on desktops, tablets and smartphones. While BSI CRM wins praise for this flexibility from experts, customers and with CRM awards, the best compliments are received from our satisfied users.



BSI CRM Highlights

With BSI CRM you receive all the functions you need for perfect customer relationship management along with tried and tested CRM processes. The 360° customer view remains consistently central. These five highlights are what make BSI CRM so extraordinary:

  1. BSI CRM integrates data from all systems into a data hub to create a 360° view of customer data and customer behavior.
  2. BSI CRM orchestrates cross-touchpoint processes to enable you to seamlessly accompany your customers throughout their customer journey.
  3. BSI CRM supports, companywide, continuous CRM processes, thereby combining the strengths of your employees from all disciplines.
  4. Routine tasks can be handed over to BSI CRM with rules and automation.
  5. The contemporary user interface integrates assistants that make everyday life easier for the user.

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Why BSI for CRM?

We have loved and lived with CRM for 20 years. With its technologically leading platform and innovative product development, our product BSI CRM is already in its 16th generation of usage with the Ocean release. This know-how about CRM processes flows into our CRM software as well as into your CRM project. Our experience is reflected in an attractive TCO (total cost of ownership).

CRM usage and operation

Get to know the most flexible operating model of all CRM solutions: Start in our private cloud, if necessary, switch to an on-site cloud or an on-premise solution, or vice versa. Data storage and processing takes place exclusively in Switzerland or Germany. And it goes without saying: the data always belongs to you.

Questions about BSI CRM?

I would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information. Always within 24 hours and usually even faster.

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Why CRM?

CRM is not a department or an IT solution. CRM is a promise to customers that they will be served personally, quickly and competently. A good CRM works in the background – silently, like a butler - and astounds customers at crucial moments.

Which CRM system? Correct evaluation procedure

A CRM system offers many advantages. But choosing the right system is not easy. We will show you which points you should pay attention to during the evaluation process and how you can optimally replace an existing system.


Facts for CRM pros

With BSI CRM, you get everything that you need for your business, integrated in a comprehensive software suite. And yet, through intelligent permissions, each user only gets the functions that are relevant to him or her. This keeps the solution lean and intuitive for the user. BSI CRM is:

  • leading when it comes to the complex requirements of large companies
  • set up for complex sales structures with database delimitation
  • configurable down to the smallest detail for release-capability
  • open to and integrated with your system through standard interfaces

CRM software supports data protection conforming communications

The European General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is depicted in BSI CRM with well-conceived functionalities. This offers you complete confidence that you are meeting the current requirements and can concentrate on your core business unconcerned.

Chief customer officers at the tiller!

With BSI CRM the 360° view of customers and their customer experience is central with comprehensive functions for sales, marketing and service in a single CRM solution. In this way, BSI supports omnichannel, actively tackles silo and media breaks and brings the various disciplines together at the interface to customers.

CRM for Customer Experience

Only those who can expertly accompany channel-hopping customers on their customer journey, and can surprise them now and then, can create a positive customer experience.

Customer Experience

CRM for sales

Recognize conclusion or jump probabilities, manage sales in real time, uncover potentials: smart dashboards and performance tools boost turnover and mood curves.

CRM for sales

CRM for marketeers

With BSI CRM, marketers receive more than mere marketing automation. Personal approaches are yesterday’s news – customers today demand relevant content at the right time through the right channel.

CRM for service

Only companies who shine through customer service and who proactively handle complaint management can maintain long-term customer relationships. This requires flexible solutions which can be quickly adapted to changing general conditions, such as processes that change during ongoing operation.

BSI Contact Center

CRM software for your industry

Each market is different. With flexible configuration and industry templates, BSI CRM adapts dynamically to the requirements of your sector. The industry solutions are being constantly further developed together with our customers and industry experts.