Marketing trend survey delivers exciting results

41,000 marketing experts followed DMEXCO's call to Cologne. We at BSI were right in the middle and used the opportunity of the hour to ask a marketing question in the digital community. We don't want to withhold the four most important findings from you.

In conversation with BSI story experts, visitors discussed their use cases and obtained tips on customer journey management.

Many touchpoints

The companies surveyed offer their customers a variety of touchpoints to pick them up where they are: Online on social media, in the web shop or customer portal, mobile on WhatsApp or in apps, which offer marketeers exciting new interaction possibilities – for example geolocation. Smartphones and wearables provide the appropriate data, while video, chat and bots offer optimal sales opportunities. A paradise for marketing activities?

Lively interest at the BSI booth at DMEXCO 2018

Little integration

I'm afraid not! Most touchpoints are not integrated at all, i.e. the majority – over 80% of companies – are flying blind. Thus digital customer experiences fail because of the processes and the lack of integration. These are an important prerequisite for a positive customer experience, as the current IDG study proves.

We were also represented at the World of Experience, the innovation hub of DMEXCO, with our product BSI Studio.

New customers before existing customers

Also surprising: the marketers surveyed focus their full attention on customer experience management, content marketing and customer journey management. There's nothing wrong with that, but customer loyalty and complaint management doesn't seem to be of any interest at all, and it's a dark existence at the bottom of the league. We learned from Zita The Butler Langenstein in the "Complaints are a celebration" workshop that complaint customers are the better customers: They are proven to stay longer and buy more! And our colleague Claude Schuler, who wrote a study on customer loyalty, told us that the focus on customer loyalty pays off in the long run, because enthusiastic customers become brand ambassadors who swear eternal loyalty to you. Nevertheless, the marketeers seem to see the more exciting task in the acquisition of new customers.

Exchange among like-minded people: BSI Studio sparks the interest of marketeers

Automation ≠ customization?

After all, almost half of the Marketeers surveyed are already eager to design so-called Customer Journeys. The automated execution of these journeys is most people's dream. So far, however, only 5.5% have been able to do this. Our new digitization platform BSI Studio is just the thing for us! This is how we reconcile automation and individualization – this could convince even the third of automation-sceptical marketeers!

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