VZ selects BSI as technology partner for its digital transformation

To benefit from the promising opportunities in lead and customer management, VZ VermögensZentrum has selected the FINMA-compliant CRM and marketing automation solutions from BSI.

VZ VermögensZentrum is implementing the CRM solution and automation platform from BSI as part of its digitalization strategy to enable its more than 1100 employees in Switzerland and Germany to focus even more on its customers’ needs. As an independent retirement advisor and mort-gage and asset manager, VZ supports its customers holistically with all matters related to money. In the highly acclaimed BILANZ private banking rating 2019, VZ was once again named a “Long-time Quality Leader.” To continue to live up to this distinction, VZ is pursuing an ambitious digitalization strategy.

FINMA-compliant CRM and marketing automation

Together with a highly motivated team consisting of company-internal IT specialists and experts from BSI, VZ has set out to implement its digitalization goals using an agile approach. In addition to replacing its current CRM system with BSI CRM, VZ will also be implementing BSI’s marketing automation platform for a more efficient and personalized design of its lead and customer manage-ment. It is also essential to the Company to ensure FINMA compliance, a requirement that relates to VZ Depository Bank.
“We support several thousand customers annually with their financial planning and advise them on AHV*, retirement savings, securities, taxes, real estate, mortgages, insurance, and estate matters. We are increasing our investment in digitalization, automation, and a cloud-ready infrastructure to ensure that our specialists can provide even better and stronger support to our customers,” says Giulio Vitarelli, CEO of VZ VermögensZentrum.

A reliable CRM partner for an agile CRM implementation (plus a pilot phase)

Previous software implementations have shown that it is essential to have a competent partner who can provide strong support, understands how to implement a new CRM system smoothly and can link it adeptly to existing systems. Marc Weber, CEO of VZ Depository Bank, says: “An important factor in our selection of a CRM provider was that this association would become a long-term partnership on an equal footing, with a good rapport and shared values. And this is precisely what BSI brings to the table. We value the fact that BSI is fully committed and supports the pace we have set for ourselves by committing to agile goal setting. In addition to BSI's proven banking industry expertise, what also impressed us is the opportunity to actively shape their software road map as part of the so-called BSI Banking Community and to voice our preferences directly.

First, the multiple back-end systems, such as the financial planning tool and various other current systems, were linked successfully, the current marketing and consulting processes were updated and mapped, and the data integration was completed. Now, a test run is scheduled for the VZ office in Lucerne. The insight gained from this pilot will then be incorporated directly into the project. “Working with VZ has been a delight, as they use a very realistic, goal-oriented, and agile approach. The project team is highly motivated, and the marketing and consulting teams are very much looking forward to the opportunities the new CRM and marketing automation solutions will offer them. I am excited to witness how automation will enhance the support of prospects and customers,” says Christian Sterr, BSI project manager, about the collaboration.