Anonymous dialog: If one is not supposed to know the customer... or simply doesn't want to.

Are dialogue and data protection at odds with one another? Adrian Bucher, contact center expert at BSI on the topic of inquiries, statistics and analyses without personal data.

Adrian Bucher, what technological requirements are you confronted with today when you depict contact center processes in a system? 

The requirements vary, but can be solved in a similar way. Our experience in projects for logistics service providers or discount retailers show that customer inquiries in a contact center – received over the phone, by e-mail, letter or fax – can also be processed without master data and can also be found again later if needed.

Logistics service providers, for example, generally work in assignment by other companies, which means they do not have any data at all on the actual customers. Discount retailers, on the other hand, process inquiries in a contact center for which the capturing of personal data is of no real interest. What’s more, only very little data may be captured at all due to data protection considerations. 

How can customer inquiries be captured without personal data? 

The agent selects the appropriate process and works through it using the so-called Process Wizard. If appropriate, the matter can also be forwarded for processing by internal positions or external suppliers without leaving the system.

And what happens if the same customer or interested party contacts you repeatedly? How does the agent search within the system? 

Through intelligent, multilevel searches, even persons without names can be recognized and captured. Person recognition occurs in this process through a topic search of the caller's phone number, which leads to the address needed with a reverse search. Callers can be recognized again or frequencies of cases can be identified early on the basis of addresses and phone numbers.

And there, where names are nevertheless to be entered, such as for a reply letter, the agents receive support with prompted spelling, the ability to search with different spellings or speeling according to hearing. 

This concept offers many advantages to contact center agents: They can handle inquiries faster, have less stress and do not waste the majority of their time searching – this is unanimously seen by our customers as the greatest cost factor in call centers. The search process takes place within seconds and is automated.

What use is captured data if the personal data is missing? 

According to the rules for data protection, the small amount of data captured in the system is deleted after a defined period of time. The cases remain in an anonymous state in the system for statistical analysis. This means that optimal times can be set for the processing of inquiries and procedures can be improved or assigned to other positions.

The bottom line is that with BSI Contact Center we provide a very powerful tool for management – and a very easy one for the users.