Looking back on the first two simultaneous releases and forward to a full roadmap for 2019

Since our last major release of Scout 8 with Eclipse Photon, we have polished a few things about Scout. We were able to successfully release two releases since the switch to the Eclipse Simultaneous Release Train. What has changed in these releases? What are Maven archetypes for Scout and where will Scout go in 2019? Keywords are "Dark Theme", "OpenJDK" and "ECMAScript6".

Simultaneous Releases September and December

With the September release, the first simultaneous release of the Eclipse platform, and the latest release in December, we mainly worked on the presentation and performance of Scout. With support for virtual scrolling, tile grids are now only calculated by the browser when the elements come into the visible area. This results in a significant performance gain in certain browsers, e.g. the Internent Explorer.

Updated release notes

Maven Archetypes for Scout

There are two Maven archetypes available for some time now. These provide a complete application architecture, from persistence to the user interface, as a Maven project. We used Jooq for the persistence, other persistence frameworks can be integrated analogously. These application blueprints show how a complete application breakthrough with Scout works. Further, we have added some additional functionality such as favorites or user administration in the archetype for the classic Scout framework.
You can find the ScoutJS archetype on Maven-Central: scout-hellojs-app
The archetype for Scout classic is available on github: ScoutJooq

The Maven Archetype for Scout makes it quick and easy to build complete business applications.

Outlook for 2019

We have set ourselves many goals for 2019. Scout 9 and 10 are the next major development steps. Various usability improvements will be implemented, some new widgets will be added for both the classic Scout and ScoutJS. A highlight is the dark theme, which can also be activated via a configuration attribute.

The new dark theme in Scout 9

Technically Scout 9 will be compatible with Java 11 and will now also support OpenJDK. Not only is the Scout Javascript Client Code put on a new technological basis with ECMAScript 6 in the course of 2019. We are also examining new tooling support, a possible conversion to TypeScript and much more.


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