Eclipse Scout 8 release: now available!

We are proud to announce the release of the new Scout version 8! The official release has been published together with the new Eclipse Photon release as part of the Eclipse simultaneous release train.

For details, check out the Release Notes of Scout 8. To download the latest Scout release use the Eclipse package download page.

Hands-on and demo application

  • As usual, you can try out all the widgets and functionality provided by Scout online: Scout widgets
  • A demo application of Scout is available here: Demo application
  • The widgets application for Scout JS has been greatly expanded: JS widgets

New UI widgets and Scout JS

As with every Scout release, Photon comes with a nice set of new UI widgets. Already with the Oxygen release some initial steps called “Scout JS” were implemented to decouple the new Scout HTML5 widgets from the rest of the framework. With Photon the Scout JS library made significant progress and many new features are available. The highlights among the new UI widgets are the tile grid, hierarchical table, the tag field, but there are many more features to discover…

Examples of new Scout 8 widgets: File upload button, tile grid, hierarchical table and the tag field.

New outline overview

The Scout 8 release offers a new “OutlineOverview”. It typically is the first thing a user sees when an outline based application starts and is the widget displayed in the desktop bench when no page of the outline is selected. The previous OutlineOverview has been very simple, it basically just displayed the title and the icon of the outline. With this Scout 8 release a new widget has been added, it is called TileOutlineOverview. As the name implies it is based on the new TileGrid and shows the top level pages of the current outline. The new outline overview is enabled by default. If you don’t like the new style you can either use a defaultDetailForm which will be used instead of the outlineOverview. Or you can use the old OutlineOverview or even create a custom one.

The new outline overview in Scout 8

Extended REST framework capabilities

With Oxygen it was possible to auto-register REST services. Now, with Photon, we introduce data objects and improved the error handling in this Scout 8 release. This new concept will be a big benefit especially for Scout JS applications, because of its data oriented service API. Data objects are Scout beans, which can be used as data transfer objects for synchronous REST and asynchronous MOM interfaces. Furthermore, they may be used as domain objects within business logic.

Using the new DoEntity class as a base class, any kind of custom data objects can be built. An attribute of a data object is defined by adding an accessor method for the attribute. The name of the method corresponds to the attribute name; the attribute type is defined by the return value of the method.

Example of how to define attributes of a data object

Try now!

Of course, these are only a few highlights of the new Scout release. You can find the complete list in the release notes.

Try out our new Scout version 8 by downloading it from Eclipse! Make your first steps with Scout using the comprehensive documentation, and check out the Scout forum if you have questions around a particular topic.