When the point of sale (PoS) becomes a service leader

Multichannel from A to Z; we take that literally at BSI. With BSI Retail, BSI integrates all customer touchpoints into a single CRM solution. And when we say all, then we really mean all:from the contact center to the checkout counter. This enables our retail customers to work in both a customer-oriented and cost-efficient manner at the same time.

There are specialists for customer retention, while others offer cash register software. There are companies that offer e-shops or a call center connection, while still others provide order screens for inventory management for the catalogue business. And finally there are also companies that are specialized in mobile and tablet devices. Until now, these channels have been managed and processed separately – to the detriment of the customer, who was denied a holistic, barrier-free service experience. “Unfortunately, you cannot redeem the newsletter coupon in the shop.” “Sorry, the offer is only good for an online purchase.” “Sorry, I can’t seem to find you in the system. Do you have your 16-digit customer number or your customer card with you?” These types of frustrations have now been relegated to the past. They drove BSI to thoroughly tackle the issue of multichannel integration of all touchpoints – from the telephone to the Web, newsletter and catalogue on through to the POS. Because at BSI we don’t do things halfway, we took on the whole thing and have turned the vision of an authentic multi-touchpoint solution into a product.

The customer can be thoroughly and optimally advised and served in the shop with BSI Retail.

A perfect shopping experience with a 360° customer view in the shop

With processes nor with innovative technology. It begins with the initial contact with the company’s employees. But what if they are not in the position to fully serve the customer? Perhaps because the salesperson only has a limited view of the customer and service palette, or because no customer history is available.

That’s why BSI Retail compiles all customer-relevant processes across all sales channels in a single CRM solution. In addition to classic contact channels, the cash register at the point of sale also becomes a CRM terminal and your sales outlet employees become real service leaders. Through touch screens, classic keyboards or barcode scanners, they can find and identify customers in the companywide CRM system – even without a customer card. Your staff can react personally to complaints that arise, accept returned goods, settle an open invoice from the mail-order business or point out a special offer. And your customers experience a seamless shopping experience. 

BSI Retail – the CRM solution containing POS functionality

BSI Retail is the CRM solution for retailers. BSI Retail features a comprehensive cash register system that meets all legal requirements for proper bookkeeping. This system is based on over 15 years of experience, which BSI has collected in the course of the development of the checkout counter solution for more than 10,000 end-users for the Swiss Post.

BSI PoS Customer transaction procedure

BSI POS cashier
1. Login cashier
BSI POS Overview
2. Overview
BSI POS identify customer
3. Identify customer
scan article
Scan article
BSI POS change line on sales slip
4. Change line on sales slip
BSI POS cash payment
5. Cash payment
BSI POS change
6. Change

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Retail Article administration, search dialogue, barcode reader, domicile delivery, brokering services
  • Cash register system Cash register management, cash register administration, cash register journal, daily closing
  • Retail banking Incoming/outgoing payments (national and international), receipt scanner, account queries, credit cards, compliance (including EU money laundering laws), forms
  • Product logistics Management of products and services, automatic product selection, connection of peripheral devices, track & trace, prices, discount rules for bulk mailings, label printing, servicing of business customers, statistics

 What are the advantages of BSI Retail 

  • For the company: Implementation of cross-channel business processes. 
  • For the customer: A free choice of touchpoints.